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Service for wind turbines has long involved more than just pure maintenance and ensuring plant availability. To meet the global demand for energy from renewable sources, the power of the wind must be harnessed as efficiently as possible. Wind is already one of the cheapest forms of energy. However, turbine original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and energy companies are trying to reduce costs even further and maximize energy output. Wind farms must therefore be managed to make the most of the available wind. In addition, downtimes must be avoided as far as possible.

With Service 360, Winergy, a brand of the Bocholt-based drive specialist Flender, now offers a service concept for drive trains that has been developed in accordance with the above-mentioned requirements and can be individually adapted to the respective needs of the customer. According to its developers, it is unique in the wind market and the result of many years of cooperation with turbine manufacturers and wind farm operators. According to Winergy, the decisive added value of the new offering is that for the first time, a service offering covers the complete drive train, including the generator, and also offers services for gearboxes from other manufacturers. Winergy is thus able to cover more than 100 different turbine types and 130 gearbox models beyond its own fleet. Customers thus benefit from the know-how of a large and experienced manufacturer of drive systems, regardless of whether the product is a Winergy product or not.

As part of the complete package, it is also crucial that the service is also geographically close to the wind farms. With its network of manufacturing and service locations, Winergy covers all the world's major wind markets. The integration of the Moventas sites further expands this presence. Service 360 is thus to be available quickly and at any time. Service 360 also offers the right service for every point in the turbine's life cycle, from installation, maintenance and repair to partial repowering, i.e. increasing the wind turbine's output by upgrading individual components or the entire drive train.

"With this flexible multi-brand service, we at Winergy focus on many gearbox and turbine brands and can thus service drive trains of entire wind farms. Service 360 can be applied to all turbine types with their different gearbox and generator types," said Aarnout Kant, Winergy's CEO.