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Number one position is held by the Google parent-company Alphabet; as the most innovative German company, Adidas has climbed from 35th to 10th in the rankings. BASF is in 12th position, Siemens in 16th. The automobile manufacturers BMW (27), Volkswagen (38) and Daimler (47) are also in the Top 50. Overall, representatives from Germany benefited from their global presence and the installed basis of devices, machines and systems. According to the report, the data from ongoing operation is also going to be used more systematically in order to create competitive advantages. The forerunners were also thinking in terms of platforms – especially with the aim of creating more added value for their clients. However, the analysis from BCG shows that not everything is sunshine and roses. There is still a significant need to catch up with regards innovational strength.

According to a recent study by technology service providers Accenture, some of the stumbling blocks faced by companies include difficulties in creating an innovative culture. Further obstacles are the lack of ability at many companies to transform innovations into concrete, measurable values.