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The WAGO Group is an undisputed driver of innovation in connection and automation technology as well as interface electronics. Over the years, it has become the world leader in spring pressure connection technology, so it goes without saying that the company is constantly looking to consolidate this position with a steady flow of new developments. Just recently, for example, WAGO added a variant for conductors with a nominal cross-section of ten square millimeters to the TOPJOB S terminal block system with lever.

Like previous models, the new addition will be available in two- and three-conductor designs. The terminal blocks are equipped with lever technology to open the clamping points, which offers key benefits during handling. This technology supports intuitive, tool-free clamp actuation with a simple lever. The entire system is designed to be virtually foolproof, because there are just two distinct positions - the clamping point is either open or closed. The lever remains engaged after opening, so users have both hands free for wiring. This advantage is not to be underestimated, especially when connecting conductors that have large cross-sections and are difficult to bend. The system also benefits from push-in CAGE CLAMP connection technology for push-in termination of solid, stranded and ferruled conductors. What's more, both push-button and operating-slot options are available for the internal connector end.

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