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The consumer sector still seems to be in search of suitable applications for 3D printers that would justify their purchase by general users - above and beyond their immediate novelty value, that is. Business applications are more obvious - and companies increasingly use rapid in-house prototyping solutions to present and examine the form and function of their designs. But which 3D printing technologies are best for what tend to be very specific different requirements? For years, KISTERS AG from Aachen, Germany, has been the world's leading distributor of 3D printers for 3D Systems (ProJet and ZPrinter). The company is answering this and many other questions at HANNOVER MESSE 2016 and showcasing the new ProJet 3600 models that can generate high-precision functional prototypes in around half the previous best time.

Boasting almost double the print speed of its predecessor and an unparalleled micro-fine detail resolution of 16 µm, the ProJet MJP 3600 Max and ProJet MJP 3600 3D printers address customers who require the very best productivity, resolution, dimensional stability, contour definition and surface quality. In order to meet these requirements, MultiJet MJP 3D printers use an acrylate photopolymer, and the wax-based MultiJet printers a special wax, to produce very high surface quality, accuracy and precision. The process involved heats both the build and support materials before the print head jets the droplets onto the support structure. While the support material hardens immediately on its own as it cools, the build material undergoes additional curing using UV light.

Kisters AG (52076 Aachen, Germany), Hall 7, Stand A33