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Several million truck journeys - and thus fuel and CO2 emissions - could be saved each year if the total permissible truck weight were increased from 40 to 44 tons, as has already been done in intermodal freight transport. This is in any case what the "Transport Relief Initiative - 44 tons for forward-looking logistics" claims in a position paper . Fewer trucks transporting the same volume of goods could also ease the growing shortage of qualified drivers and alleviate the situation on the overly congested highway network.

The initiative has brought together 17 associations with the aim of helping achieve the climate goals, including the German Building Materials Association – Stones and Soils , the German Agricultural Trade Association , the Chemical Industry Association , the German Paper Mills Association , WVMetalle and the Federation of German Steel Industry . The alliance stands for around 1.2 million employees, who generate annual sales of 617 billion euros.