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Overall, the Institute has identified twelve professional areas as examples in which to investigate how they need to change and which qualifications employees will require in the future. For four of them, the reports are now available. During the screening of specialists in warehouse logistics, an extremely heterogeneous picture of the digitalization and automation of the training companies emerged. The Institute concluded that the need for training resulting from this could only be met by vocational colleges with difficulty at the moment. A reorganization of the careers of warehouse logistics specialist and warehouse clerk is therefore being suggested, or as an alternative, the creation of the role of warehouse logistics specialist with additional qualifications. Further partial studies, which are due to be published shortly, focus on the careers of industrial clerk and agricultural and construction machinery mechatronics technician.

Training for the industrial and electrical careers was already modernized in August 2018. The reason given by the IG Metall trade union for this is digitalization, which has changed the career pathways or added new content to them.