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An electric car cannot currently compete with the range of a combustion vehicle. That is no reason for reservations, however, because we can easily integrate the electric-vehicle charging process into everyday life – while shopping, at work, in the city, or at home – which ensures enough range to commute to work or run the usual errands.

Long journeys still present a problem though, because the fast-charging infrastructure is not yet sufficient. IONITY, the joint venture of various vehicle manufacturers, is working on this by setting up 400 fast-charging stations across Europe that are compatible with almost all common electric vehicles. Each column can charge up to 350 kW, so that even cars with large battery capacities can be on the road again quickly.

In the background is a technology from Schneider Electric: their Trihal cast resin transformers drive the transformation from medium to low voltage. Galvanically separated outlets for each charging station as well as a single transformer stage reduce energy losses enormously. Local partners throughout Europe install the transformers, enabling Schneider Electric to not only provide technical expertise, but also comply with country-specific laws, standards and regional specifics.

Schneider Electric at HANNOVER MESSE