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As a global family-run business, EUCHNER GmbH & Co. KG is committed, first and foremost, to keeping people, machines and products safe. EUCHNER safety systems are used anywhere that people and technology interact, monitoring safety doors and flaps on machines and equipment, helping prevent hazards and thus providing reliable protection for people and processes. At the recent HANNOVER MESSE 2019, the company returned to showcase its wide-ranging product portfolio for the human-machine interface and switchgears for automation, including new developments such as the innovative CTM safety switch.

Whether you're dealing with machine tools, packaging machines or food production systems, one of the things that goes hand in hand with digitization is optimizing equipment in terms of size and efficiency. As a result, the space available for safety technology is constantly shrinking and there is less and less time for wiring. EUCHNER is now working to address this issue and expanding its product range to include the compact CTM transponder-coded door locking mechanism, which can be easily integrated into state-of-the-art machine designs thanks to its extremely compact dimensions (120 × 36 × 25 mm). The innovative ball actuator supported on an elastomer bearing can even secure doors with extremely small pivoting radii, providing design engineers with maximum flexibility. In the event of a power failure, or if the system is switched off, the bistable guard locking function of the new CTM stays in its current functional state. In other words, a door will stay locked if it was locked before, or - if guard locking was not previously activated – users will be able to open and close it as needed. This means a power failure won't result in people being unintentionally locked in. What’s more, the CTM is a future-proof solution ready for Industry 4.0 thanks to the intelligent communication capabilities that ensure it can be easily connected with other EUCHNER devices. Thanks to its integrated interface, it can also be connected to the new EUCHNER ESM-CB evaluation unit, which then passes the data on to the higher-level control system via IO link.