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This is shown by a digitization barometer involving more than 60 companies. According to the survey conducted by the BDEW association, the consultancy A.T. Kearney and the Improve Academy, one in three utility companies surveyed already generates sales with digital products, while another 53% are planning or are currently working on a digitization strategy. Although they are already advanced in terms of IT security and market communications, many still have problems when it comes to big data analytics, customer centricity, and process automation.

Many utility companies also consider the business potential of digital services and products as "very limited". They nevertheless expect this will change in the foreseeable future, especially with respect to metering point operation, virtual power plants and apps for energy services. According to the study, the industry currently has a digitization level of 44%. It is however surprising that only 5% of the companies surveyed have their own chief digital officer.

Customer focus, new products and services are among the five recommendations by the seminar provider Management Circle for utility companies in the process of digitization. They should also promote a digital corporate culture and develop data literacy. A holistic digitization strategy and cooperative projects are further recommendations.