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The 24/7 matching solution, jointly developed by Vattenfall and Microsoft, provides customers with greater transparency with regard to their electricity consumption and enables them to switch from annual to hourly data analysis. The solution builds on the Microsoft Azure IOT platform and matches the energy produced, from Vattenfall’s wind and hydropower, for example, with data from smart meters that measure consumption in real-time.

Currently, electronic documents, known as “Guarantees of Origin” (GOs), provide evidence of the origin of a specific amount of renewable energy. In comparison, according to Microsoft and Vattenfall, 24/7 matching offers several advantages. It makes it easier for utility companies to track hourly demand for renewable energy and to take appropriate action to meet demand. Companies, in turn, can see whether their commitment to 100% renewable energy is met in each hour of consumption. In addition, they can also include the origin of the electricity from renewable sources in the evaluation of their climate footprint. The project partners anticipate that 24/7 matching will further drive demand for renewable energy.