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There are companies that participate in the achievements of Industry 4.0 - and there are companies that make Industry 4.0 possible in the first place with their achievements. LENZE from Aerzen in the Weserbergland region also belongs to the second group. Christian Wendler, CEO of LENZE, puts it in a nutshell: "For our global customers, we are first and foremost an automation partner and enable the smart factory. Our spectrum is broad. We equip car factories, develop highly automated baggage handling solutions for airports and advise mechanical engineering companies from the initial idea of a machine or production to maintenance. Mechatronic products, automation systems and digital services come from a single source at LENZE. That's what sets us apart."

A new inverter is in town

With its new, decentralized frequency inverter generation i-series motec, LENZE is once again providing a smart impetus for the digital future and thus ensuring transparent processes. In particular, the i550 motec frequency inverter, which is now being presented for the first time, is seen by the company from Lower Saxony as the optimal decentralized drive solution. Located in the power range from 0.37 to 5.5 kilowatts (expansion up to 30 kilowatts is planned) and provided with IP66 protection, the i550 motec is equally suitable for motor and wall mounting. In addition to fast installation and simple commissioning thanks to user-friendly tools, the most common connections of commercially available plug-in connectors in particular ensure a wide range of applications. In terms of parameters, drive behavior and usability, the new i550 motec is fully in line with established frequency inverters, according to LENZE. Rounded off by high energy efficiency, this is said to have resulted in a drive solution that is both contemporary and sustainable, yet based on proven principles.

Safe process chains with maximum efficiency

As already mentioned, the range of applications is wide. For example, the excellent adaptability predestines the i550 motec inverter for various conveyor technology applications, among others. Simple plug-in cabling and the optionally integrated extension box with service switch guarantee uncomplicated engineering. The use of high-quality components is also designed to increase system availability, reduce costs and make logistics processes more dynamic.

Every piece of luggage counts

The i550 motec also cuts a fine figure in airport logistics. The demands here are often even higher than elsewhere, and increased speed in particular is required here. However, high-speed conveyors and hoists pose no real challenge for the new decentralized inverters. The integrated energy recovery system is designed to provide maximum productivity and energy efficiency, especially in demanding situations. Added to this are low noise levels, low operating costs thanks to minimized storage, and a high overload capacity. For operators, this means less logistics work and additional cost savings at the end of the day.

Powerful in every respect

The compact and robust design of the motec decentralized frequency inverters is also said to be particularly suitable for applications with high vibration requirements. Or, for example, they control the exact flow of water, responding quickly and reliably to undesirable changes. In this way, decentralized frequency inverters ensure the constant productivity of machines. Minimal harmonics and electromagnetic compatibility also allow use in public areas on 30 milliampere residual current circuit breakers without additional filters or chokes. With the i550 and the i650 motec planned for 2023, LENZE consequently aims to offer comprehensive solutions for industry-specific challenges and - supported by an international team of experts - to meet even special, highly individual requirements of its customers.