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Siemens, Europe's largest technology group, has now introduced the new Fire Catcher FDV202 video camera system for combined smoke and flame detection. According to Siemens, the Fire Catcher is designed to provide visual surveillance in harsh industrial and structural environments where conventional fire detection technology reaches its limits. The intelligent HDTV camera uses integrated video analytics to reliably detect fires. AI-based training methods for detecting smoke and flames as well as a knowledge database from tests and real-life trials by experts are used to make this work. Detection in the configurable viewing areas should be reliable - and without additional infrared lighting down to a minimum light intensity of one lux. When smoke or flames are detected in the defined field of view, an alarm is transmitted to the fire alarm control panel via the freely programmable relay outputs. The images are sent with metadata to a video management system for verification.

Connectivity for a better overview in the event of danger

The connection to the fire alarm control panel is made via an I/O module. At the same time, the Fire Catcher FDV202 camera can be connected via LAN to the video management system for visual inspection via video stream. When smoke or flames are detected, audible and, if required, visual alarms are generated. This type of video fire detection is suitable, for example, for open parking lots or outdoor areas with e-charging infrastructure as well as for high, air-permeable industrial halls and historic buildings. Integrated tampering detection, image quality and status monitoring as well as activity monitoring contribute to the early detection of faults. The viewing areas are configurable. The camera detects all relevant test fires (TF1 to TF8) in accordance with EN54. The Fire Catcher FDV202 camera thus offers increased operational safety and avoids operational interruptions wherever no standardized protection can be guaranteed.

Sustainability and reliability

The Fire Catcher FDV202 camera is designed to be environmentally friendly through the use of recycled materials and the reduction of hazardous substances. The device is also RoHS and REACH compliant and BFR/CFR and PVC free. The Fire Catcher FDV202 camera is operational at temperatures from minus 40 degrees Celsius to plus 70 degrees Celsius. It can be freely mounted horizontally and vertically to ensure optimum monitoring of the area to be protected.