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As part of an extension to its storage capacities at several locations running through to 2021 , the Schiettinger Group has set up a first compact warehouse, with the support of KBU Logistik . This warehouse is based on the simulation of a warehouse process, optimally adapted to the needs of the manufacturer of packaging materials, corrugated board and displays, and is based on 3D CAD models from SMB International .

First, the movement data from the last two years, including logistical bottlenecks, was input. Next, the new warehouse was simulated; for future viability purposes, the warehouse was planned with an overcapacity of 30%. The virtual warehouse twin enabled the project partners to identify potential bottlenecks at peak times, before the actual warehouse was commissioned, and to eliminate these. Without this advance simulation, such bottlenecks are not usually evident until the warehouse is in operation, and often necessitate additional investment to subsequently resolve the related problems. The costs for the software simulation amount to just 2% to 3% of the total project costs. According to Schiettinger, the warehouse has been commissioned without any problems and the flow of goods improved.