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The ConnectGuard Cloud technology from ADVA is set to provide the first virtual encryption function in the world for secure cloud environments in companies . According to the provider, the new approach makes it possible to do without inflexible and expensive device-based IPsec solutions, so it also offers better cost efficiency. ConnectGuard Cloud is based on the manufacturer’s own Ensemble Connector virtualization solution and is compatible with any COTS server or public cloud infrastructure. Thanks to zero-touch provisioning, ADVA is promising security for industrial hybrid and multi-cloud environments that is easy to set up, reliable and fast, with a multitude of integrated end devices and a wide range of applications that have been migrated to the public cloud.

The encryption technology, which is based on Senetas , works independently of the transmission system, allows dynamic software encryption at multiple user levels and should score particularly highly in terms of significantly smaller latencies than traditional security solutions. There is a clear trend in industry towards hybrid clouds – but the clouds do present some extremely serious challenges on several fronts.