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The multi-award-winning eChiller process cooling from Efficient Energy GmbH has so far in particular attracted the attention of data centers. In comparison to conventional chillers, the solution consumes up to 80% less electrical energy and uses pure water as a refrigerant. eChiller is, though, equally well suited for removing heat from industrial processes, such as injection molding production and extrusion processes , in which cooling is a significant cost factor. Aerosol manufacturer TUNAP in Wolfratshausen re-liquefies solvents at the end of the chemical production process, for example, while Ulm-based Gardena cools its tools and injection molding machines with chilled water.

The (in principle known) technology builds on the direct evaporation, compression, condensation, and expansion of water or water vapor in a closed-loop cycle. This process takes place in a vacuum at low pressures between 10 and 100 mbar and in the 5 to 45°C temperature range. Aside from energy efficiency, a key advantage of this process is that all current and future environmental and safety regulations pertaining to the operation and maintenance of refrigeration units containing fluorinated greenhouse gases are irrelevant for water. Efficient Energy can therefore offer great investment security. eChiller is currently shortlisted for the German Innovation Prize for Climate and Environment (IKU).