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As a regional network of innovative mid-size companies, INNOBOOT set itself the goal of developing and marketing cutting-edge houseboats, paying particular attention to their suitability for shallow waters. The INNOBOOT network - co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund as part of the Cross Innovation Initiative in Saxony-Anhalt - currently consists of five mid-size companies, all with different skill sets. Magdeburger Haus & Boot Manufaktur GbR is responsible for boat and houseboat construction, while Bernburg-based Funda BodeTramp takes care of boat rentals and events. Also based in Bernburg, Holz individuell GmbH is in charge of interior design and wooden furniture, while Magdeburg-based faktor m covers design and engineering and the Magdeburg Institute for Technology and Innovation GmbH takes care of marketing and software.

Always on the lookout for new companies to work with, the network is in Hannover to get potential partners excited about shaping the houseboats of the future. The outlook is very promising. After all, a current vacation trend that looks set to stay are active, independent and environmentally friendly holidays, where people can get close to nature as they sail down inland waterways on a houseboat. The challenge is that the industry needs to adapt to changing interests in society and the higher standards expected by customers as a result - demanding customers want new and appealing products. That's why the partners of the INNOBOOT network aim to jointly develop approaches, principles and concepts so they can offer houseboats in the future that meet the requirements of prospective customers. Besides developing solutions suitable for shallow waters, the main focus here is on meeting customer requirements in terms of aesthetics, safety, functionality and the quality of technology and equipment.