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As miniaturization continues, the challenge for many electronic component manufacturers is to reduce process damage and shorten cycle time during transfer. THK, one of the world's leading suppliers of linear guidance systems, is meeting this challenge with its pick-and-place robot (PPR), which will be unveiled at HANNOVER MESSE 2022.

THK's PPR is a pick-and-place robot that picks up sensitive workpieces such as electronic components and quickly and precisely places them in their intended location, for example on electronic circuit boards. In addition to basic movements such as lifting, lowering and rotating, the PPR has sensors that provide various information such as force, flow rate, pressure and temperature, which are visualized using dedicated software. At the same time, real-time analysis of the data ensures cycle times are improved and motion sequences are optimized. In addition, malfunctions can be corrected more quickly. Furthermore, the PPR has a pneumatic module, a control unit and other components that are helpful for picking up and placing sensitive workpieces safely and quickly.