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Automation and, in particular, robot-assisted wiring will be the central operational focal points in control cabinet construction in the future. With its SNAP-IN connection technology, Weidmüller, the electronics and connection technology company based in East Westphalia, wants to ensure that many terminal blocks, PCB connectors and heavy-duty connectors are already optimized for the automated wiring of the future.

With SNAP-IN, the conductor does not have to be prepared. And the insertion force required is minimal. No specialized tools are needed for either manual or automated wiring. The SNAP-IN technology from the Detmold-based family company also provides an acoustic as well as an optical signal when the conductor is successfully inserted - this is also essential for the successful automated wiring of tomorrow.

In addition to the technical advantages, SNAP-IN consequently also enables a time- and cost-efficient as well as process-safe solution for automated wiring. Adaptation to different products and control cabinets should be highly flexible at any time: In the event of any changes, only a brief adjustment of the robot is required thanks to SNAP-IN. Specialized devices or accessories are not required.

All Weidmüller products equipped with SNAP-IN connection technology are delivered to customers already wire-ready. This means that the products' clamping points always reach the customer open because of their vibration-proof design - they do not have to be opened manually in a time-consuming process.