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Seeing the world through children's eyes really isn’t a million miles from what we today refer to as "augmented reality". In children's imaginations, the boundaries between reality and fantasy are blurred. Even in the saddest environments, they can still conjure up vivid worlds, abounding with dragons, knights, fairies and unicorns. Adults usually only have two ways of reimmersing themselves in these worlds. One is generally prohibited by anti-drugs laws, but the other is made possible by state-of-the-art technology - in other words, augmented reality. This technology now enables us to truly bring extravagant fantasy worlds to life, as it combines the best of the digital and the real. What's more, it helps us bring an extra digital dimension to physical, analog toys and actual places we experience through our senses.

One of the companies that has chosen to focus on this area is the Berlin-based startup Augmented Robotics. Its RoboHeart solution is designed as a way for manufacturers of remote-controlled models to merge the worlds of analog toys and digital computer games and take things to a completely new level. The major advantage of the technology used is that it can be integrated into new products and existing models alike. This gives rise to new virtual worlds built around real and familiar experiences, such as competing with friends in interactive races and putting virtual obstacles in their way in order to win.

Augmented Robotics (10623 Berlin, Germany)
Website: Website: https://www.augmented-robotics.com/#about