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With external sales of around 9 billion euros, more than 25,000 employees and almost 160 domestic and international subsidiaries and associates, Salzgitter AG ranks as one of Europe's leading steel and technology groups. Now, group company Salzgitter Flachstahl has joined partners Linde AG and Avacon Natur GmbH and signed up to the "Salzgitter Clean Hydrogen" project, which is a major stepping stone on the route to a hydrogen-based industry. The aim of the project is to generate hydrogen in Salzgitter on a climate-neutral basis using electrolysis and electricity from wind power. These activities are to lay the foundation for the future deployment of larger hydrogen volumes to reduce direct CO2 emissions in the production of steel.

Under the project, Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH is to plan the construction and operation of a PEM (proton-exchange membrane) electrolysis plant with a capacity of around 400 N.m³/h. Avacon will be responsible for the plant’s energy supply, which will involve building and operating seven wind turbines with a power output of 30 megawatts. All the turbines will be located on the premises of the Salzgitter Group - three on the grounds of the steel mill itself. Industrial gas supplier Linde, meanwhile, will ensure a steady supply of hydrogen by plugging any gaps when demand can’t be met from internal resources. The cost of the entire project amounts to around 50 million euros, some of which is being met by government funding. If all goes to plan, the production of hydrogen at the Salzgitter plant could start in 2020.

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