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"The systemic approach at Energy is the only one of its kind," says Benjamin Low, Head of Energy at HANNOVER MESSE. "f you are looking for energy supply solutions, the perfect place to begin is at the Integrated Energy Plaza," explains Low. Everything found in the 43,000 square meters of Energy is concentrated in the Plaza. This highlight in Hall 27 demonstrates solutions for the energy system of tomorrow – from generation, distribution and storage to energy demands. Interactive showcases allow visitors to experience future energy systems. They also demonstrate technological solutions, present prospects for transitioning to clean energy, and reveal export opportunities. Visitors can discover new business models and new solutions to generate power, integrate decentralized providers, and incorporate smart grids.

"Integrated Energy" – this key theme, successfully established in 2016, was the incentive for BayWa r.e to participate at Energy for the first time. The work of this Munich-based company ranges "from project planning for clean energy plants, retailing photovoltaic components, servicing and consulting, to retailing bio-methane and directly marketing electricity from renewable power sources," explains Christin Baumeister of BayWa r.e. At the Integrated Energy Plaza BayWa r.e. is showcasing its energy products, and wind and solar projects.

For the second time, GP JOULE is displaying its integrated energy showcase at the Plaza. The centerpiece of this concept is its hydrogen technology with a PEM electrolysis stack. It is joined by generators (e.g. wind parks and biogas plants), storage providers and distributors (such as transformer stations, and block heat and power plants), and user groups from the commercial and mobility sectors. The augmented reality installation demonstrates how the transformation to clean energy can be accelerated thanks to solutions that focus on the entire system, supplemented by energy sources such as electricity, gas and hydrogen. Visitors can activate various scenarios to illustrate all the connections. Tablets also allow visitors to interact directly with the entire model, which stars a real cow!

The appearance of the Prysmian Group at the Plaza is all about expanding the power grid in Germany. Using an interactive model, experts explain the use of Prysmian technologies throughout Germany. With innovative wiring solutions, the company can effectively conduct renewable energies at all levels. Intelligent surveillance and data transmission allow the grids to be monitored constantly, ensuring smooth operation. The focus is on low-, medium- and high-voltage cables to distribute power from the plant to households, along with cables to connect offshore wind parks. “As as the basis of a modern, high-capacity transmission and distribution grid, they work in combination to enable a stable electrical power supply in Germany and Europe,” states the company.

The multi-media stage show at Integrated Energy Plaza is organized by major industry associations such as VDMA, ZVEI, bne, bdew, GTAI sand dena. "We will talk about solutions, opportunities and the potential of the transition to renewables," explains Marc Czernie of dena. "Visitors can learn which solutions are already at work in Germany and around the world, which projects have been realized, where research is being conducted, and where the future will take us."

On Monday, energy projects in Poland, this year’s Partner Country, will be discussed at the Integrated Energy Plaza. Although the policies followed in Poland and Germany are quite different, common interests include infrastructure and a reliable energy supply.

Integrated energy, digitalization, decentralization and security of supply, mobile electrification, and heating will be the topics on Tuesday morning, before the agenda turns to issues in the afternoon that are especially relevant to public utilities. "We are participating in the Integrated Energy Plaza because we view public utilities as central to locally carrying out the transition to renewables," says Fabian Schmitz-Grethlein. "They are the system managers who integrate clean energy into the energy system, who promote the transition in heating to local authorities, and bundle local efforts," says the VKU Head of Energy systems and Power Generation. "We want to discuss all the issues that affect integrated energy, mobile networks and/or distribution networks, digitalization, and de-carbonization," says Schmitz-Grethlein. This also includes smart grids and smart meter roll-outs.

On Wednesday the focus will be on projects for the future, model regions and scenarios for a stable, virtual, decentralized power supply.

On Thursday morning, startups will present their energy and industrial sector innovations. The afternoon continues with the transition to clean energy, Industrie 4.0 , innovative energy services, modern energy management, Big Data, and IoT entitled "Energy meets Industry". The session creates a bridge from Hall 27 and Hall 12 ("Digital Energy" with solutions for efficient industrial energy management) and 13 ("network technology" with special displays such as SuperConductingCity and the energy forum Life Needs Power).

"Energy research and innovation" is the motto at the forum on Friday where the discussion will range from innovative, forward-looking projects for the energy transition, new grid structures, industrial processes, and system integration to the storage of excess current.