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In medical and analytical technology, as well as in pharmaceuticals or pipetting applications, media separation in valves via a chemically resistant elastomer diaphragm that complies with regulations is important to prevent contamination of the fluid even during extended periods of use. When larger flow rates or flushing quantities also have to be metered quickly and precisely, the valves are often the weakest link in the chain. Until now, users have had to make compromises here, especially in terms of size, but also in terms of flow rate, permissible temperature or process times. Bürkert Fluid Controls Systems has therefore extended the WhisperValve series upwards.

The new Type 6757 analysis valve now covers the pressure range up to 16 bar and is insensitive to pressure surges. In addition, its design enables switching times of less than eight milliseconds with a power consumption of less than 4.5 watts, making it ideal for battery-powered field devices. Wetted components are selected according to the fluids involved. Therefore, the valve is also suitable for critical reagents or cleaning agents and can withstand media temperatures of 90 degrees Celsius for up to 30 minutes, for example in sterilization processes. This also applies to the smaller members of the WhisperValve family, Type 6712 and 6724, which are designed for system pressures up to seven bar. This results in a wide range of applications, from mobile and stationary measuring and analysis devices in medical and laboratory technology, to systems for endoscope cleaning or in filling plants, to disinfection devices.