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As one of the market leaders in drive and automation technology, SEW-EURODRIVE from Bruchsal moves applications in almost every industry. Countless conveyor belts, packaging machines, beverage filling plants, logistics centres, gravel pits, cable cars, baggage belts in airports and much more would come to a standstill without motors, gear units, gearmotors, inverters, associated automation technology and service offerings from SEW-EURODRIVE.

Environmentally friendly hydrogen technology for intralogistics

Accordingly, the Baden-based company will be presenting a whole range of innovations at HANNOVER MESSE 2023, including the highlight, a large-scale model of a new concept study on the subject of driverless transport systems (AGVs), which is entirely in keeping with the trendy topic of "hydrogen & fuel cells". According to the Bruchsal-based company, the fuel cell as a power source will bring a whole range of advantages to AGVs. Among other things, users benefit from a significantly longer operating time thanks to 100 per cent power availability through the hybrid circuit of battery and fuel cell. With the fuel cell, the driverless transport systems also have the cleanest form of energy generation. An AGV is thus constantly supplied with power for weeks and months.

Geared motors in ECO2 design

SEW-EURODRIVE has also come up with something very interesting for producers who operate their systems well protected from cold, heat or moisture in enclosed spaces. Since aluminium hardly tends to corrode, a protective coating of paint is not absolutely necessary. For this reason, SEW-EURODRIVE will dispense with any kind of coating on the gearmotors in the ECO2 design in the future. This not only eliminates the need for the corresponding materials and the energy-intensive drying process, but also significantly reduces the use of cleaning agents due to shorter cleaning and process times. In this way, SEW-EURODRIVE sees both economic efficiency and sustainability optimally combined.

Clean business: stainless steel geared motors

For users with particularly high demands on hygiene and ease of cleaning, SEW-EURODRIVE offers another drive solution that is particularly well suited. The stainless steel gearmotors and stainless steel gear units presented in Hanover are said to be virtually self-cleaning thanks to their hygienic design. Suitable for every application, the company offers the geared motors as a bevel gear version and as a spur gear motor. Accordingly, the gearboxes are also available in spur and bevel gear versions, which should enable their use in many different applications.

Extremely agitating: X.e Agitator industrial gear unit

In many applications, agitators are subjected to heavy loads. With the agitator drive of the X.e series, SEW-EURODRIVE now wants to meet these requirements even better. The innovations lie in the details. To ensure that they can be used in systems for as long as possible, the gear units have internal pressure lubrication, a specially developed housing pitch and an innovative sealing concept.

Stay flexible and independent with the StarterSET

With the StarterSET, also presented in Hanover, SEW-EURODRIVE provides its customers with a basic package that they can expand individually according to the requirements of their machines - flexibly, modularly and independently. Users thus have a choice: They can implement their drive and automation technology completely with products from SEW-EURODRIVE and remain independent at the same time.

DriveRadar IoT Suite for applications

Be faster than the error: With the DriveRadar IoT Suite web application for applications, SEW-EURODRIVE now offers continuous monitoring and reliable analyses for the maintenance and servicing of drive components, machines and systems. Energy consumption and processes are displayed transparently, helping users to identify optimisation potential. In addition, the DriveRadar IoT Suite for applications supports the implementation of condition-based and predictive maintenance.

DriveRadar IoT Suite for industrial gearboxes

Unplanned downtimes in production are the nightmare of every plant operator, regardless of the industry. In the best case, only the costs increase due to the interim production downtime. To prevent this from happening, SEW-EURODRIVE recommends forward thinking. With DriveRadar for industrial gear units, the company offers a highly modern and intelligent condition monitoring system that digitally records and automatically evaluates gear unit data. With the help of these analysis results, the current condition of the gearbox can be evaluated. Forecasts derived from this data also make it possible to predict future changes in condition. All the results and findings obtained serve as the basis for predictive maintenance and servicing.