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The edge computing appliance Oncite is a scalable device that can be set up directly in factories and works like a miniature computer center for manufacturing industry. Compared to cloud computing centers, this solution has the advantage, on the one hand, that the latency times are consistently very low. On the other hand, companies retain control of their data and do not have to hand them over to a major American cloud provider. Oncite was developed by Bosch Connected Industry together with the company German Edge Cloud , the control cabinet manufacturer Rittal and the start-up IoTOS , all of which belong to the Friedrich Loh Group .

Oncite can record mass machine data and harmonize them across machines, making AI-based production optimization possible, for example. In addition, the appliance is designed to connect via interfaces with the forthcoming digital production platforms from Volkswagen and BMW, for instance, so that supply companies can develop their own Industry 4.0 applications.