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In times of digital transformation, smart ideas and impulses are necessary to remain competitive. For example, well-managed digital customer portals benefit everyone who participates in them: Customers save time, employees are relieved and the company demonstrably generates more turnover, especially through increased customer loyalty. But with today's flood of information, which is also often distributed across different systems and platforms, how do you bring this data together in a user-friendly way? Fischer Information Technology from Radolfzell believes it has found the answer. With its information platform Sherlock, such a portal can be implemented easily and quickly for the individual needs of a company.

Sherlock brings together what belongs together

According to Fischer, Sherlock makes it possible to fully exploit the potential available on the market, to implement entrepreneurial ideas for new digital business models quickly and easily and thus to meet the constantly changing requirements. To this end, Sherlock collects, integrates and combines all company information from a wide variety of sources. All relevant data such as product, customer or service information from different systems are smartly linked by Sherlock and made available to customers in a user-oriented portal. This means that previously inaccessible data silos are broken down and the information they contain is made available to internal and external target groups. Even complex portals, apps or websites can be realised in just a few days with the help of Sherlock.

It pays off

The cloud-based information platform Sherlock thus offers all the advantages of data virtualisation and demand-oriented information modelling. The physical decoupling of logical data clusters from their source data stores makes data integration projects a breeze, according to Fischer. Experience has shown that Sherlock can reduce the time required for such projects and the associated transformation costs by up to 75 percent.