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Since 1997, a very special event for robot developers has taken place each year - the RoboCup. This is a soccer world cup for robots held at alternating venues attended by an average of around 2,000 scientists and students from all over the world who pit their robots against each other individually or as a team. The "Robot Soccer World Cup" - to give it its official name - also acts as a congress where new scientific findings from artificial intelligence and robotics are discussed. Unfortunately, few people realize that the reigning world number two from the RoboCup in Leipzig last year actually comes from Germany. Sweaty, as the robot is called, has been created by Offenburg University, which is looking to use HANNOVER MESSE 2017 to finally give its "star" the media attention it has long deserved.

The two-legged humanoid robot was developed in an interdisciplinary project that brought together elements from mechanics, kinematics, electronics, mechatronics and information technology. Sweaty made its first public appearance in the RoboCup 2014 in João Pessoa, Brazil, where man and machine evidently learned the lessons that saw them succeed in Leipzig two years later. As its name implies, Sweaty is the first robot whose motors are cooled by evaporative cooling. What's more, other new technologies have been created in Sweaty, such as the decoupling of joint and servomotor and a kinematic system with variable gear ratio. Sweaty is currently back in the "training camp" to be given further improvements in mechanics, electronics, IT structure, AI and spatial awareness. After all, the robot has already qualified for the upcoming RoboCup in Nagoya, Japan.