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The energy market is in a state of flux. While large power companies are repositioning themselves in the market, small, flexible companies are developing forward-looking products and business models for the changing energy system. Decentralized energy supply, energy efficiency, and storage – in Hall 27 at the Energy flagship fair, young, innovative companies are presenting their unusual solutions . All participants at the group pavilion, which is sponsored by the German Ministry of Economics, have been in operation for no longer than ten years.

REAC Energy based in Herrsching, Germany is bringing an especially exciting product to the show. The key components of its technology – modules that transform the pressure of water currents into electrical energy – are called StreamCubes®. Rotors in the modules move slowly to minimize the impact on the underwater environment. "The cost-effective, modular design of the StreamCubes® makes it possible to effectively utilize slower currents," states REAC Energy.

Orcan Energy is focusing on power from waste heat. "With the Organic-Rankine-Cycle technology, CO2-free electricity is produced directly at the customer's site," says the company from Munich, which specialized in recycling waste heat from low performance and temperature areas. In Hall 27 it will be presenting, among other things, a small, compact power station that recycles waste heat from biogas plants into electricity that can be used on site or fed into the grid.

Glood, another exhibitor, is "currently the only provider" of customized turnkey solutions for power-to-heat applications. "Converting electricity into heat is a significant contributor to grid regulation," states this young company from Rosenheim.

In addition to vertical small wind power plants, TURBINA Energy AG develops and produces customized system solutions – from wind-solar hybrid systems to multifunctional plants such as the s/m/a/r/t Tower that combines regenerative power generation with innovative advertisement possibilities, services and e-mobility infrastructure. pironex from Rostock develops and delivers electronic and software solutions for the new energy industry. And the company ELS Lichtsysteme deals with "the area of industrial operations that clocks the most hours and therefore has the greatest potential savings: exterior and interior lighting.”

Fibalon is also participating in the group pavilion. It manufactures polymer fiber filters out of recycled PET bottles to clarify pools, aquariums, ponds and wastewater in sewage treatment plants. According to Fibalon, the final product is "crystal clear and drinkable."

Additional exhibitors include APT, RenderThat, systamatec and Pendix, a company that has developed a power unit that transforms a normal bicycle into an eBike.

With exciting concepts such as these, the Young and Innovative Companies Pavilion is shaping up to be a great attraction in Hall 27. However, this group exhibit is not the only stage for energy newcomers at HANNOVER MESSE 2016. Newer companies are appearing in Hall 3 at "Young Tech Enterprises" .

"There is no better place for industrial startups to draw attention to themselves than the business environment at HANNOVER MESSE. They can meet potential customers, cooperation partners and investors, enabling them to realize their vision of efficient, competitive energy generation."