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In simple terms, Botspot's photogrammetry process consists of many powerful digital cameras that are triggered simultaneously. That renders the lasers used in other 3D scanning methods redundant. "This method is safe for the objects and persons scanned," explained CEO Manfred Ostermeier at HANNOVER MESSE.

The scanner itself is modular, and can be scaled virtually infinitely for the intended purpose. As a result, it can digitize anything from a single hair to a full fleet of vehicles. botscan is a key product for the orthopedics experts at Otto Bock Healthcare. Previously, patients who had lost a leg would have to stand on one leg for hours to have their proportions measured before a prosthetic limb could be made. And even then, the results were often disappointing. Scanning with Botscan takes just 0.01 seconds. Sprinter Heinrich Popow tried it out: His digital body model was the basis for a tailor-made artificial limb Popow will wear when participating in this year’s Paralympics.

Diverse business models

Medicine as a whole holds many applications for literally "lightning-quick" 3D scanning processes. However other sectors can also benefit: Car hire companies can scan vehicles before and after every rental and use software to analyze the differences. That will make annoying questions like "Was that scratch already there?" a thing of the past. Fashion retailers can use the 3D scanner to digitize individual customers in their outlets, so customers can try on garments virtually whenever they want.

Startup Botspot is currently entering cooperation agreements with companies from a wide range of industries. Meet founder Ostermeier and the project managers at Otto Beck Healthcare, in Hall 7, Stand C34.