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Based in Munich we specialized in the development, design and commercialization of sensitive, high-performance, and unprecedented cost-efficient industrial robots. We are guided by the vision transforming robots into a generally available multifunctional tool by placing the human in the center of development. The intelligent robotic assistant FRANKA EMIKA was unveiled for the first time at Hannover Messe 2016. The worldwide response confirmed us in our vision.

In 2017 FRANKA EMIKA will be available as "Out-of-the-box"-system, as well as a research version. Typical factory robots are so dangerous that they are put into cages. FRANKA EMIKA was specifically made for operating among humans and to support them, without harming them. Therefore, it is now possible to reinvent automation by handing humans this safe and versatile tool.

The complete modular ultra-light weight construction, the highly-integrated mechatronic design and the ability to conduct dexterous and sensitive manipulation enables FRANKA EMIKA to perform tasks which require direct physical contact with the environment. Consequently, common but rather monotonous tasks such as sensitive insertion and connecting, screwing, assembly, testing and inspection can be automated for the first time. The robot is equipped with torque sensors in all seven joints enabling FRANKA EMIKA to recognize and process even the slightest contacts to react using its artificial reflex system within milliseconds. The specifically developed soft-robotics-control for FRANKA EMIKA is based on an extremely detailed robot model and the real-time comparison to the actual measured torque. This allows even smallest effects such as elasticity, vibration and friction to be compensated, creating the unique combination of performance, robustness and dexterity. Beyond that, it's seven degrees of freedom resemble the flexibility of a human arm and therefore allow to fully utilize the entire workspace.

The sensitivity is a necessity for physical, fenceless interaction and allows seamless as well as intuitive human-robot collaboration. For the purpose of making the robot extremely easy to setup and use, a novel programming paradigm was developed which represents the countless and highly complex capabilities in form of robot apps. FRANKA EMIKA's ready-to-use robot apps give it a smartphone-like usability and reduce programming time to minutes. The growing world of robot apps extends FRANKA EMIKA's capabilities constantly and therefore renders it more and more powerful. Robot apps can be combined to complex solutions using a standard notebook or tablet. The intuitive, dialogue-based menu navigation helps the user to communicate the necessary parameters for the process at hand. Beyond that, FRANKA EMIKA can be hand-guided for teaching positions or even entire motion sequences. From there, solutions can be shared via FRANKA CLOUD and be deployed to any number of FRANKA EMIKAs within a network or worldwide.

Infanteriestraße 19
80797 Munich, Germany
+49 89 2006069 20

PressKit download: www.franka.de/press

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