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Solving the riddle of the Sphinx
in-integrierte informationssysteme GmbH is showcasing applications for networked factories at HANNOVER MESSE 2019. These are based on the "sphinx open online" IoT platform and its "Model in the Middle" software in conjunction with corresponding machine learning processes.

in-GmbH is coming to HANNOVER MESSE 2019 to demonstrate how businesses can best harness the enormous potential for added value that industrial digitization has to offer within the context of Industry 4.0. Using a variety of use cases based on the "sphinx open online" IoT platform, in-GmbH - which specializes in integrated, transparent and optimized business processes - provides workflows for networked production lines. The platform's "Model in the Middle" approach, when combined with machine learning, allows users to integrate, digitize and optimize complex systems. Whether it's a smart factory, smart devices or smart service - the platform is designed to make complexity more transparent and support decision-making, while also allowing for autonomous intervention. The "sphinx open online" platform is already being used worldwide in production management technology, energy management, facility management, logistics and other areas.

Besides presenting a number of use cases, in-GmbH is also showcasing a genuine first: "We're unveiling a model factory at our site in Konstanz that is controlled remotely over the internet. Using OPC UA, the automation level is connected to 'sphinx open online', which is run on an edge device. Workpieces are transported between warehouses, machining centers, sorting plants and dispatching areas using handling robots and conveyor belts. From PLC-level up, the software structure matches that of a real factory. Relevant conditions and derived parameters are monitored using cloud-based dashboards, and the system is able to intervene where necessary. The "Model in the Middle" software can be used not only to provide clients with data, but also to orchestrate workflows across multiple systems. What's more, dashboards can be selected and values retrieved or influenced using the optional voice control function. Visitors can watch how settings and adjustments pan out in the factory via video," says Siegfried Wagner, Managing Director of in-integrierte informationssysteme GmbH.

in-integrierte informationssysteme GmbH (78467 Konstanz, Germany), Hall 7, Stand D26
Contact: Manja Wagner
Tel.: +49 7531 8145-0
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Just plug in to play in the cloud
From the sensor or actuator to the cloud in less than a minute - CloudRail licobo GmbH is bringing this plug-and-play promise to HANNOVER MESSE 2019 and unveiling its new CloudRail.Box for IO-Link-compatible sensors and actuators.

The CloudRail.Box aims to make it easy to connect industrial sensors and actuators to any cloud platform, such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. This newly developed system automatically recognizes and configures connected IO modules and sensors. As soon as sensors or IO modules are connected to the CloudRail.Box, they appear on the CloudRail configuration interface, where the desired cloud platform can be selected. The sensor then immediately begins sending data to the chosen platform. Complex integration projects used to take several weeks - even months - but now, thanks to CloudRail, the whole process can be completed in a matter of minutes.

"We're seeing more and more of the traditional automation tasks of IT departments being taken over," says Felix Kollmar, Managing Director of CloudRail. "Through CloudRail, we are creating a new generation of automation technology for IT specialists, connecting sensors directly to the cloud - without requiring expertise in fieldbuses, for example." CloudRail currently supports the cloud services of Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), SAP, IBM, Google and Alibaba. It also plans to add even more providers in the future. The CloudRail.Box - which is, of course, also configured and managed using a cloud-based device management solution - allows the user to view status information about all connected modules and sensors, control the flow of data to various cloud providers, and launch remote firmware updates.

CloudRail is in Hannover to showcase its solution, available as a turnkey product, a white-label solution for partners or as a purely software-based solution for existing hardware. Still relatively unknown in the world of automation, this start-up is using HANNOVER MESSE as an opportunity to establish itself in the industry. After all, it already has a few success stories under its belt. "CloudRail has been providing cloud connectors for the software industry for years. Our technology is already being used in over 150 million devices worldwide," says Kollmar, before making a big announcement: "We're now using this expertise to bring OT to the cloud, finally making the Industrial Internet of Things a reality."

CloudRail licobo GmbH (68163 Mannheim, Germany), Hall 9, Stand F62 (main stand)
Contact: Felix Kollmar
Tel.: +49 621 4834 5965
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We've got just the hose for you!
Intelligent hose systems and new digital business models - that's what the Masterflex Group, which specializes in hose and connecting systems made of high-performance plastics and fabrics for demanding industrial applications, is bringing to HANNOVER MESSE 2019.

As a listed company specializing in the development and production of sophisticated hose and connecting systems, the Masterflex Group brings together six brands for a variety of connection requirements under one roof. This list includes Matzen & Timm, Novoplast Schlauchtechnik, Fleima-Plastic, Masterduct and APT, in addition to Masterflex itself. At HANNOVER MESSE 2019, Masterflex is unveiling its new AMPIUS series, a range of intelligent hose systems that will soon be equipped with a digital interface as standard.

This interface will make it possible to retrieve not only the unique product identification, but also data regarding wear, abrasion, temperature and flow rates. These kinds of smart components with lifecycle tracking capabilities are becoming increasingly important, particularly when it comes to state-of-the-art predictive maintenance. "It's always important to ask how machine downtimes can be prevented or, at the very least, kept to a minimum," says Christian Horstkötter, Managing Director Sales Europe Industrial Solutions of the Masterflex Group. "Ideally, our products help to precisely predict failures so that the machine operator or maintenance team can take action before actual breakdowns occur." Sharing the limelight in Hannover with the company's intelligent hose systems is the Engineering Services division. Customers can thus benefit from both a comprehensive product portfolio and in-depth expertise regarding the application-oriented system solutions of all the brands in the Masterflex Group.

Masterflex SE (45891 Gelsenkirchen, Germany), Hall 21, Stand J30
Contact: Heike Friedrichsen
Tel.: +49 40 85321 217
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As much IoT as you need
Flexibility, reliability, scalability and security - that's what the Losant Enterprise IoT Platform promises. Visitors to HANNOVER MESSE 2019 can stop by the stand of US-based Losant IoT, Inc. to find out exactly how industrial enterprises can benefit from this promising solution.

On show at HANNOVER MESSE, this latest Losant innovation is designed to form the basis for industrial IoT solutions and provide users with tools for creating unique applications. The aim of the Losant Enterprise IoT Platform, which is already being used in numerous industrial applications, is to collect IoT data from one or even several million devices - as well as from other sources - and visualize and analyze it to help devise recommendations. This cloud-based platform has been designed to be flexible enough so developers can experiment with it and also robust enough so that it can be deployed in demanding production environments.

Companies interested in digitizing their products and environments have to put a great deal of trust in their chosen IoT platform. That's why Losant has undertaken to follow safety standards and practices that include, for example, emergency recovery plans, audits from third-party suppliers, and continuous monitoring. Michael Kuehl, CTO at Losant, is keen to point out that organizations don't have to worry about maintaining or scaling their infrastructure. Indeed, Losant tools are designed to grow with user demands and to be securely scalable to manage internal features or create customer-focused solutions. Anyone keen to find out more about this US innovator’s platform technology should stop by the Losant stand, where Michael Kuehl is happy to field any questions about the company's solution.

Losant IoT, Inc. (45202 Cincinnati, USA), Hall 6, Stand G18
Contactin: Janet M. Simon
Mobile: +1 937 272 4426
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Mining the raw material of the future!
The compact IGW/941 edge gateway from SSV Software Systems GmbH brings machine learning to enclosures, helping users gather valuable data close to the source and use it to boost profits.

As we approach the end of the second decade of this new millennium, there is one "raw material" that is proving more valuable and more profitable than anything Mother Earth has given us since time immemorial - data. Often simply generated as a constant by-product in every machine, system and process, this valuable treasure trove can be leveraged using suitable hardware and software and then converted into useable information through machine learning (ML). This in turn can be used to devise predictive maintenance concepts, predictive quality, predictive efficiency and ML-based anomaly detection processes. However, when it comes to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), you first need special sensors to generate, connect together and prepare this "raw material". Only then can information be mined using corresponding ML algorithms. The resultant "refined raw material" can then be put to good use, both locally - for example, using OPC UA - and on a location-independent basis with the aid of a cloud.

At HANNOVER MESSE 2019, SSV Software Systems GmbH is showcasing its new IGW/941 - a compact edge gateway with pre-installed ML algorithms and a wide range of data science components for industrial applications. The IGW/941 allows users to create applications that, for instance, collect sensor data, convert it into information through classification or regression, and pass on the result via OPC UA or MQTT. The IGW/941 features preconfigured and ready-to-use development tools for the ML training phase and modeling. What's more, SSV offers all IGW/941 users a webinar with the following content: "Basic principles and terminology of machine learning", "A complete machine learning process, including sensor data capture, data preparation, modeling and model assessment", "Determining model accuracy and adapting hyperparameters" and "Combining the output of a machine learning algorithm with other systems".

SSV Software Systems GmbH (30419 Hannover, Germany), Hall 5, Stand D05
Contact: Werner Bührig
Tel.: +49 511 400 00-22
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A gripping development in AI technology!
SCHUNK is at HANNOVER MESSE 2019 to tell visitors from all over the world how its gripping systems are going to use AI to support flexible operations and autonomous handling scenarios.

SCHUNK GmbH & Co. KG is in Hannover to address the radical change sweeping through industrial gripping solutions. Although gripping processes used to be mainly geared towards high productivity and process reliability, the focus is now also on flexibility in conjunction with the smart factory. Until recently, industrial gripping has been relatively rigid - not only do gripping systems have to know the geometry of the parts, but also the exact pick and place position. This means a reliable handling process can currently only be guaranteed when parts are always fed into the handling system in exactly the same way via predetermined travel paths and by specifying target point coordinates. However, as digitization progresses, the highly automated, fully networked and autonomous production system is beginning to take shape.

There is no denying that the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a role in this. There are already initial cognitive intelligence applications for grippers that use cameras, enabling the robot to learn intuitively from operators and then carry out the gripping tasks independently. SCHUNK deliberately designs practical - i.e. industry-oriented - handling processes for these applications by limiting the number of component variations, thus streamlining the classification and training process. As part of an initial use case that utilizes machine learning to classify workpieces and gripping processes, interlocking building blocks are randomly combined and presented to a lightweight robot in a random arrangement on a working surface. By interacting with 2D or 3D cameras, the self-learning system rapidly increases gripping reliability after only a few learning cycles. With each grip, the gripper learns how to successfully pick up and move the workpiece.

After only a few training sessions, the network classifies how to handle the range of workpieces and the resulting combination options. The gripper knows how to pick up and move the workpiece based on learned experience. Thanks to the intelligence of the algorithm, the gripper can classify future combinations and arrangements of workpieces on its own after only a short period of training. According to the developers, this allows the system to handle parts autonomously depending on the situation. The algorithms are continuously adapted using AI methods, which means previously unrecognized correlations and be explored and the handling process further refined.

SCHUNK GmbH & Co. KG (74348 Lauffen, Germany), Hall 17, Stand B40
Contact: Sonja Aufrecht
Tel.: +49 7133 103-2970
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From cradle to recycling center
Baumüller GmbH is at HANNOVER MESSE 2019 to showcase intelligent automation concepts and solutions for a digital future - with a special emphasis on lifecycle management.

Headquartered in Nuremberg, Baumüller is a leading manufacturer of electric automation and drive systems. With the help of almost 2,000 employees spread across six production locations and over 40 subsidiaries worldwide, Baumüller plans, develops, manufactures and installs intelligent system solutions for mechanical engineering and e-mobility - ranging from user interfaces, motion control software, PLCopen, software modules and controls right through to converters, electric motors and the entire range of services for automation solutions. Baumüller is at HANNOVER MESSE 2019 to wow the crowds with a wide range of innovations and highlights.

Visitors to the stand are given a tour themed on product lifecycle management (PLM) - after all, Baumüller is a full-service provider, covering both the development and production of components as well as system solutions, and countless services for mechanical and plant engineering as well as for machine operators. Under the slogan "Enabling Industry 4.0: Value creation in every phase," visitors go through each phase of the lifecycle while touring the exhibit, getting up close and personal with the solutions and products used in each section, using the example of a welding robot. The tour begins with the "technology package" - an automation system ranging from the high-performance b maXX PCC-04 box PC to the high-precision DSH1 servomotor series. This is followed by "engineering" in the form of a ProMaster end-to-end engineering framework for all automation tasks, including the new motion library for multi-axis applications. The next stages are "virtual startup" for reduced time-to-market using the new ProSimulation tool, and "production", with the BAUDIS IoT optimization tool for predictive maintenance and process optimization. The tour concludes with the "service" module, which features intelligent service concepts - from machine assembly to the global spare parts concept.

Baumüller Nürnberg GmbH (90482 Nuremberg, Germany), Hall 14, Stand H12
Contact: Leonhard Kemnitzer
Tel.: +49 911 5432 274
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Just go for it!
Focusing on keeping things "EASY", Yaskawa is bringing its solutions to HANNOVER MESSE 2019 to demonstrate how companies can take on the challenges of the increasingly complicated world of Industry 4.0 with the help of consistently user-friendly components.

Despite a multitude of options, there are still many hurdles standing in the way - time is always in short supply, and employees are often overworked. Keeping things "EASY", in line with its main theme for this year, the Japanese company Yaskawa is bringing its latest developments in drive technology and robotics to Hannover to demonstrate how companies can very easily benefit from consistently easy-to-use components within the context of state-of-the-art Industry 4.0. These innovations are set to symbolize simple programmability, rapid commissioning and optimum ease of use. The best example of this is the new GA500 inverter drive, which is making its debut in Hannover, and the i3 mechatronics solution "YASKAWA Cockpit", which is available to customers as an enhanced "Edition 1" version from summer 2019 onwards.

The GA500 is a new and particularly compact addition to the current generation of inverter drives and is perfect for industrial applications. The handy inverter is said to offer 800 parameters and thus a wide range of functions that help provide the ideal solution for almost any drive application. Moreover, despite its versatility, it can be easily configured in five minutes by answering simple questions. Not only does the inverter’s ease of use greatly simplify the commissioning process in industrial production; it also significantly shortens it. What's more, the GA500 is designed to be compatible with all motor types, including permanent magnet motors.

The i3 mechatronics solution "YASKAWA Cockpit," which made its debut at last year's HANNOVER MESSE, is also making an appearance at the Yaskawa stand in 2019, as an upgraded "Edition 1" version of the software will be available to customers from summer 2019. This software can be used to capture data in real time from components, robots and entire systems - including products from third-party suppliers - and then display and evaluate the information thus generated in a visually appealing, easily understandable and meaningful way.

The fact that robotics play such an important role in achieving simple and flexible automation is clearly demonstrated in YASKAWA's wide range of robotic exhibits. The showcased solutions range from machine feeding systems and collaborative robots - some mobile and some mounted on an AGV (automated guided vehicle) - to a collection of planned products from YASKAWA's first line of robotics produced in Europe. Visitors to HANNOVER MESSE 2019 can also check out the prototype of a new and larger Motoman HC20 collaborative robot.

YASKAWA Europe GmbH (65760 Eschborn, Germany), Hall 17, Stand B50, “EASY” automation between the poles of Industry 4.0 (main stand)
Contact: Annette Vorreiter
Tel.: +49 6196 569-483
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Find the ideal way to make a connection!
EISELE Pneumatics GmbH & Co. KG is at HANNOVER MESSE 2019 to showcase its full range of premium connectors for all industrial applications - with three innovations from the INOXLINE, LIQUIDLINE and MULTILINE E ranges taking center stage.

EISELE Pneumatics develops, produces and distributes premium quality solid metal connectors and, in the 80 years since it was founded, has cemented its position as a leading supplier of innovative connection solutions. The EISELE portfolio - manufactured almost entirely in Germany - comprises all important standard connection components such as push-in fittings, quick-release couplings and tube fittings, as well as numerous innovative products with USPs that set standards, such as an extensive line of multiple connectors. The company is at HANNOVER MESSE 2019 to showcase not just its complete high-quality range of hose and tube connectors for all industrial applications, but also to train the spotlight on three innovations.

One of these is a completely redesigned pressure regulator made of 1.4301 stainless steel. Used to reduce pressure, the screw-in connection from the EISELE INOXLINE product line keeps the pressure in a line constant within a range of two to eight bar. The flow-optimized pressure regulator also reduces vibration characteristics in regulating systems. Besides this addition to the stainless steel INOXLINE line, the LIQUIDLINE 2500 series made of dezincification-resistant brass is also being extended. The plug connectors with a larger nominal width are now - for the first time - being offered with a 28-millimeter external diameter and initially in three designs, complemented by compatible flame-retardant ProWeld polyether-polyurethane tubes that feature an internal diameter of 19 millimeters. As the biggest variant in the 2500 series to date, this innovation means that larger coolant supply lines running to automation plants can now make the most of all the benefits offered by EISELE plug screw joints. The third innovation on show is another M12 power plug for the MULTILINE E modular system. EISELE is extending the system for combining compressed air, vacuum, gases, coolants, liquids, electrics and electronics all in one connector body with a new L-coding insert for voltages up to 63 volts. The connector supplies up to 16 amps per pin and is resistant to shocks, vibration, polarity reversal and torsion. Thanks to the perfectly coordinated modular design of MULTILINE E, users have outstanding flexibility when it comes to integrating various hose diameters, connector types and media in one multiple coupling.

EISELE Pneumatics GmbH & Co. KG (71332 Waiblingen, Germany), Hall 23, Stand B19 (4)
Contact: Romina Klingler
Tel.: +49 7151 171 9281
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Pump it up!
SEEPEX GmbH is set to be the first to exhibit a smart pump module with integrated driver software at HANNOVER MESSE 2019. The innovation aims to simplify the integration of functions into existing production processes, so that a portion of the processes can be implemented independently.

SEEPEX GmbH is one of the world's foremost pump technology specialists and boasts a product range that includes progressive cavity pumps, macerators and control systems. What's more, SEEPEX also offers innovative solutions for conveying low- to high-viscosity aggressive and abrasive substances. At HANNOVER MESSE 2019, the company is to become the first manufacturer of progressive cavity pumps to present a pump module with driver software designed to make it easy for users to integrate functions into production processes.

Working in partnership with the Institute for Automation Engineering at Cologne University of Applied Sciences (TH Köln) and WAGO Kontakttechnik, SEEPEX has created a module type package (MTP) that can be imported into the automation systems of various manufacturers, where it can then control various services such as "metering" and "filling" and provide HMI components.

Last year, in recognition of this innovative approach, the SEEPEX Smart Dosing Pump (SDP) module won the Innovation Award in the pumps category at ACHEMA, the world's largest process industry trade fair for chemical technology, process engineering and biotech. The SDP combines a progressive cavity pump with flow, temperature and pressure sensors and integrated control logic to regulate all components. The strategy of linking actuators and sensors with local intelligence is designed to combine field and control levels in one unit. This produces a process engineering module that can be easily integrated into overarching systems via established interfaces and thus independently implement a part of the process.

SEEPEX GmbH (46240 Bottrop, Germany), Hall 15, Stand G43 (24)
Contact: Ferdinande Epping
Tel.: +49 2041 99 60
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Industry 4.0 made easy!
At HANNOVER MESSE 2019, Balluff GmbH is focusing firmly on the concrete benefits of Industry 4.0 solutions - based on IO-Link, industrial network technology, machine vision, industrial identification and the company's proven sensor technology expertise.

As a leading automation specialist, Balluff GmbH offers a comprehensive portfolio of innovative sensor, identification and network technologies, along with software for holistic system solutions. Now being run by the fourth generation of the same family, the company is using HANNOVER MESSE 2019 to exhibit products and applications that highlight the very real advantages of Industry 4.0 solutions - on the basis of IO-Link, industrial network technology, machine vision, industrial identification and relevant sensor technology expertise.

Balluff's extensive machine vision range meets the fast-growing demands relating to productivity, flexibility and quality in production operations. It covers all kinds of object recognition, identification and quality assurance tasks, offering scalable solutions with one or more cameras. As a result, image processing experts are only required for particularly tricky issues. A sophisticated user interface is designed to enable regular staff to deal with the majority of requirements.

The benefits of intelligent IO-Link sensors are another of the company's focal points at the show. The new photoelectric mini-sensors in the BOS Q08M and BOS R01 series are set to impress with reliable object detection and minimal space requirements. What's more, they are designed to enable simple and precise setting of the range and hysteresis directly via IO-Link, which eliminates the time-consuming adjustment of the sensor-object distance. These sensors also supply further details such as diagnostic data and hours of operation. A newly developed photoelectric multi-function sensor also demonstrates the benefits of IO-Link. It combines four photoelectric sensor principles in one device and makes it easy to switch between functions via IO-Link, depending on the object, to ensure the most reliable detection method is being used. The detection signals recorded are pre-processed in the sensor, which is designed to make life easier for the system controller and reduce the data traffic fieldbus systems have to deal with.

Balluff GmbH (73765 Neuhausen, Germany), Hall 9, Stand F53
Contact: Detlef Zienert
Tel.: +49 7158 173-418
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The virtual factory gets real!
CAD Schroer GmbH is at the leading trade show "Digital Factory" to exhibit its virtual and augmented reality innovations. Based on real-life examples, it is showing how IoT concepts enable these innovations to be used in industry right now without a great deal of effort.

A global software development company and engineering solutions provider, CAD Schroer has been supporting customers from the mechanical and plant engineering sectors, the automotive and automotive supply industries, and public energy and water utility companies for over 30 years. With several offices and subsidiaries in Europe and the United States, CAD Schroer's profile is now higher than ever before, which is why it is at HANNOVER MESSE 2019 to showcase its latest AR, VR, IoT and factory planning solutions and apps. "This year, we"re demonstrating how little effort is required to incorporate all kinds of planning data into VR and AR applications. We'll be using real-life examples at our stand to highlight the invaluable benefits of these two technologies," reveals the company’s Business Development Manager, Sergej Schachow.

CAD Schroer is looking to make the virtual factory a reality with its latest software products for companies to plan their factories and plants in 3D. The company's innovations plug the gap between engineering and mixed reality. The idea is for planning data to be uploaded directly from CAD software into VR applications. CAD Schroer is a co-exhibitor at the stand of North Rhine-Westphalia’s Ministry for Business, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy, where visitors will have numerous opportunities to experiment with a virtual factory given that several VR factories are available for inspection. Wearing VR or AR glasses, they can try out the new technologies for themselves. CAD Schroer is aiming to harness these innovative approaches to help companies make further progress with Industry 4.0 and digitization.

CAD Schroer GmbH (47447 Moers, Germany), Hall 6, Stand B04
Contact: Sergej Schachow
Mobile: +49 163 791 84 59
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Putting Bielefeld on the map!
Bielefelder Torwegge Intralogistics GmbH & Co. KG sees HANNOVER MESSE 2019 as the ideal opportunity to showcase its innovative AGV - TORsten - and is this year also specifically looking to get potential skilled recruits interested in the company and its local region.

Anyone looking for Torwegge Intralogistics GmbH & Co. KG at HANNOVER MESSE 2019 should head for the OWL pavilion in Hall 16, where a range of products and the company itself are being showcased. For the first time, TORWEGGE is attempting the delicate balancing act of attracting both industrial companies and potential new recruits. To grab the attention of these two target groups, it is once again relying on TORsten - its IFOY-nominated automated guided vehicle system (AGV). The transport device's omnidirectional navigation on a small pedestal is designed to demonstrate how ideal it is for use in the most confined of spaces. On the final day of the event - April 5 - an HR manager will also to be coming to the show for the specific purpose of talking to potential applicants.

"Our region is home to a number of well-known innovative companies, which in actual fact makes it a very attractive option for high-potential recruits. Unfortunately, the region is often underrated," says TORWEGGE's CEO Uwe Eschment. The company is therefore joining forces with the "it's OWL" technology network to highlight what the region has to offer job seekers. Anyone who is keen to find out more about this long-established Bielefeld company's areas of activity, working environment and entry-level/development opportunities should make a date in their diaries to visit the stand on April 5.

Torwegge GmbH & Co. KG (33719 Bielefeld, Germany), Hall 16, Stand A04
Contact: Dieter Willudda
Tel.: +49 521 93417-0
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The full treatment!
Aalberts surface treatment is the result of a recent merger between two surface specialists, so the new company is using the slogan "coating excellence united - ahc oberflächentechnik and impreglon growing together" for its presentation in Hannover.

Aalberts Industries N.V. - Aalberts for short - is the parent company of both AHC Oberflächentechnik and Impreglon, which merged to form a new company called Aalberts surface treatment on January 1, 2019. The two companies' aim in merging was to create a global full-service provider of functional surface treatment technologies. "The combination of core competences and the regional presence of both partners enables us to build a high-performance entity that meets all the different requirements for first-class industrial coating solutions. Aalberts surface treatment is a leading, innovative and globally active technology provider that supports its customers as a competent partner. Now, we can serve the realization of large projects for global key accounts even better, backed by a strong parent company," says the company's CEO Michael Preinerstorfer.

HANNOVER MESSE 2019 marks the public debut of Aalberts surface treatment, and the company has developed a brand-new trade show concept specially for the occasion. Its slogan "coating excellence united - ahc oberflächentechnik and impreglon growing together" is intended to make the international audience aware that two experienced surface technology specialists have joined forces to form a new service company.

Aalberts surface treatment GmbH (50171 Kerpen, Germany), Hall 5, Stand C51
Contact: Jürgen Diesing
Tel.: +49 2237 502 362
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Not one IoTa of risk!
The leading European data center provider e-shelter services GmbH is making its HANNOVER MESSE debut.

Part of the NTT Communications Group and a leading data center provider in Europe, e-shelter is this year exhibiting at HANNOVER MESSE for the first time. With the growing digitization of production processes also making secure data processing and storage increasingly important to industrial companies, e-shelter is showcasing a number of IoT use cases at the leading trade show "Digital Factory" in Hall 6. Among other things, visitors to the company's stand can test an audit-compatible access control system using a hand vein scanner. They can also discover how to store data in a blockchain – an application developed in collaboration with Fujitsu and iampass at the e-shelter innovation lab in Frankfurt.

End-to-end solutions for accommodating IT and network systems in a secure, high-availability environment are also on show at the e-shelter stand in Hannover. A number of examples are being used to provide a clear explanation of how to gain direct access to cloud services. The above-mentioned e-shelter innovation lab, which recently won the German Excellence Award in the Cloud Services category, is also designed to be of particular benefit to companies that are looking to roll out new IT concepts. It provides a secure, scalable environment for customized setups that allows companies to carry out their proof-of-concept testing without any risk whatsoever.

With over 115 partner companies and a current count of 40 startups, the innovation lab offers a wide range of technologies and services. From hybrid cloud, IoT and artificial intelligence to big data and blockchain solutions, the lab is designed for quick and reliable testing of planned company applications in a pre-installed environment. The other innovation lab partners exhibiting with e-shelter at Digital Factory are SPIRIT/21 GmbH, Dell EMC GmbH and IoTium Inc.

e-shelter services GmbH (60489 Frankfurt, Germany), Hall 6, Stand B53
Contact: Andreas Vogl
Tel.: +49 69 78012 367
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