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  • "Digital Energy" to put the spotlight on energy management
  • Hannover. Digitalization is a growing phenomenon that will totally transform all sectors of the economy. The energy industry is no exception. Now, for the very first time, it is technically feasible for manufacturers to capture and analyze data on selected energy flows in their production systems. This is the focus of Digital Energy, a special display area at HANNOVER MESSE's Energy trade show that deals with the optimization of industrial energy efficiency. Digital Energy puts the spotlight on industrial energy management – the capture, visualization and analysis of energy data in conjunction with production data. Energy management systems open the way for increased energy efficiency, lower operating costs and, ultimately, enhanced competitiveness.

    Effective energy management systems enable companies to meet their energy efficiency targets and obligations by following a systematic approach to achieving continual improvement in their energy performance. "The new display area gives all companies, but especially those with energy-intensive operations, the opportunity to learn about ISO standards and energy audits," commented Benjamin Low, Deutsche Messe's director in charge of the Energy show at HANNOVER MESSE. In terms of visitors, Digital Energy is aimed at operators of industrial plants and buildings, plant and mechanical engineering specialists, technical facility managers and electricians.

    Its main display categories include instrumentation and sensor systems, cloud computing, data security, display technology, energy IoT solutions, building control systems and building automation, energy technology and energy automation, and intelligent lighting control. Among the big names in the exhibitor lineup are the digital energy division of GE and the award-winning energy technology provider REstore, which specializes in advanced demand-response (load management) solutions GE's industrial grade cloud based platform Predix has all functionality of a traditional cloud platform but also offers the components needed by industrial companies for security, asset modeling and analytics. GE’s digital power plant for gas and steam will be another highlight at Hanover Fair. The Digital Energy showcase is organized in partnership with the German Energy Agency (dena).