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Hannover. Portugal presented itself again in 2023 with services and products in core topics such as Industrie 4.0, carbon-neutral production, energy management, hydrogen, and parts and components and was well represented in the conference program with both political and economic topics. Startups from Portugal generated a large number of export contacts and initiated investment projects.

As a result of both participations in HANNOVER MESSE, Portugal expects an export increase of 400 million euros over the next three years. For the year 2022 alone, members of the Portuguese Metalworking Industry Association (AIMMAP) registered a 23 percent increase in exports to Germany – the largest growth in one of the most important sales markets.

Total Portuguese exports to Germany reached 8.5 billion euros in 2022, an increase of 21.5 percent. The manufacturing industry accounted for roughly 98 percent thereof, of which 22 percent were high-tech products.

From January to March 2023, exports of goods and services from Portugal to Germany increased again by 20 percent, surpassing positive results to other important European sales markets.

Recently, Portugal has maintained a positive trade balance with Germany in the exchange of technological services such as patents, trademarks, and research and development. In 2022, Portugal achieved a record value of 213 million euros – more than 16 percent – of all technology-intensive exports to Germany.

In terms of foreign investment projects, Portugal expects an investment volume of 100 million euros as a result of HANNOVER MESSE over the next 18 months.

According to a recent study by Ernst & Young, Portugal was one of the six most attractive locations in Europe for foreign direct investment in 2022 with a total of 248 projects – 24 percent more than in 2021. HANNOVER MESSE is an important starting point for such projects.

“Our results from the last two events prove that thorough preparation, targeting the correct potential partners and constant market work at HANNOVER MESSE and beyond lead to concrete economic results,” said Rui Boavista Marques, Economic and Trade Councilor at the Embassy of Portugal in Berlin and Director of AICEP Portugal Global in Berlin. “Portugal’s participation in Hannover increased our reputation around the world. The Portuguese-German partnership benefited from this and is constantly evolving. In November 2023, Germany will be the first partner country at the Web Summit in Lisbon, one of the largest technology events in the world.”

“The designation partner country of HANNOVER MESSE creates visibility and networking opportunities, promotes innovation and knowledge transfer and strengthens diplomatic relations,” said Marco Siebert, director of international relations at trade fair organizer Deutsche Messe AG. “Portugal shows that partner countries not only attract foreign investment and boost economic growth, but also establish themselves as global players in the industry.”


HANNOVER MESSE is the world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology. Its lead theme “Industrial Transformation” brings together exhibiting companies from mechanical and electrical engineering, the digital industry and the energy sector to present solutions for the future of manufacturing and energy supply. Leading topics include Industrie 4.0/Manufacturing-X, energy for industry, digitalization/artificial intelligence and machine learning, carbon-neutral production, and hydrogen and fuel cells. Conferences and forums complement the program. The next edition runs from 22 to 26 April 2024 in Hannover, Germany.