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Innovative new electric motor concept
The electric "planetary motor" being premiered at HANNOVER MESSE by TU Wien university in Vienna combines a drive and gear unit to form a unique solution. As it is also space-saving, failsafe and energy-efficient, it could play a key role in the future of electromobility.

Since the advent of the motor age, the underlying drive and the associated gear unit have formed two separate functional units, even when housed in a shared enclosure. TU Wien has now removed this separation and developed an innovative motor concept that integrates the two previously standalone units to form a single entity. Named a planetary motor by its developers, it boasts high levels of power density, energy efficiency, simplicity and reliability. The motor, which TU Wien is heralding as a world first, is now being premiered at HANNOVER MESSE 2017.

"Initially we thought about how a number of electric motors could be combined to form one unit," explains Professor Manfred Schrödl from TU Wien. Thanks to a clever geometric arrangement of several motors, some sections of the stationary motor parts proved unnecessary, which meant the entire structure could be simplified, thus saving room and reducing losses. "For example, we use four electric motors with three-phase winding, which results in twelve magnetic coils in total," says Schrödl. "However, with our machine arrangement, only six coils are needed." In this design, two drive shafts collectively power a large gear wheel with internal gearing. The other two rotors, which turn in the opposite direction, power a somewhat smaller wheel with external gearing. "This creates a situation similar to a single-stage planetary gear unit," explains Schrödl. "That's how the electric planetary motor got its name. The gear unit, which we integrate directly into the motor and its output, is extremely simple, which means higher efficiency and lower production costs."
Technische Universität Wien (1040 Vienna, Austria), Hall 6, Stand D18, co-exhibitor with ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA
Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Peter Heimerl
Tel.: +43 1 58801 406110
E-Mail: forschungsmarketing@tuwien.ac.at

Cutting-edge telephony
Deutsche Telekom is in Hannover to present a full program on Industry 4.0 under the banner Digitization. Simply. Make it happen. with a special focus on 5G, the next-generation mobile telephony standard.

When HANNOVER MESSE 2017 opens its doors, the spotlight will once more be almost exclusively on digitalization. Why exhibitors are once again right to focus on this area can be seen in the presentation by Deutsche Telekom, for example, which this year is covering virtually every key aspect of implementing Industry 4.0. Whether it's the networked factory, predictive maintenance, intelligent supply chains, the cloud, connectivity or security, the Bonn-based company is offering a full program in Hannover and turning its attention to practical implementation instead of dry theory. For visitors, this means hands-on digitalization in the form of drones, maintenance cases, welding robots and a 5G robot demo.

The 5G robot demo in particular promises illuminating insights and plenty of new information. After all, without appropriate networks there can be no machine-to-machine communication, no Internet of Things and no Industry 4.0. So it's hardly surprising that Deutsche Telekom is focusing even more closely on connectivity than other highlights. 5G, the next generation in mobile telephony, is essential for future real-time communication as it delivers the short response times that industry so urgently needs. Guaranteed latency is one of the new 5G standard's outstanding features, along with precise positioning, the moving of computing power to the net, a wide bandwidth and combining landline and mobile telephony using an integrated 5G network.
Deutsche Telekom AG (53113 Bonn, Germany), Hall 7, Stand A40
Contact: Philipp Schindera
Tel.: +49 228 181 49494
E-Mail: medien@telekom.de

The super noses
Want to know if the air at HANNOVER MESSE is clean? Then Professor Andreas Schütze from Saarland University can tell you, as his team has developed transportable gas chromatographs that can sniff out one trillionth of a gram of a harmful substance in a gas mixture.

We all want to know how many harmful substances there are in our food, what substances a drug contains and whether our furniture has too much formaldehyde. The methods developed by metrologists at Saarland University ensure that transportable gas chromatographs can detect the tiniest traces of harmful substances, as the team led by Professor Schütze specializes in making artificial sensory organs ever more sensitive and accurate. Mobile devices in particular are set to benefit from optimizing detectors for gas chromatographs. The engineers from Saarland University are thus keen to make useful contacts with gas chromatograph manufacturers at HANNOVER MESSE.

Whether in medicine, food chemistry, biology, environmental analysis or forensics, the new analysis technology reveals what mixtures contain and how much. "Our technology makes it possible to detect short gas pulses with a high level of precision and selectively analyze tiny quantities of gas for the substances they contain," explains Tilman Sauerwald from the Department of Measuring Technology. This technology will even enable diagnosis of lung cancer from exhaled air. "Our sensors are highly sensitive. We're developing them to such an advanced level that we can selectively measure ever lower concentrations. At the moment, we can already detect 100 femtograms, which is less than one trillionth of a gram," says Sauerwald, who is coordinating the group’s work in this area.
Universität des Saarlandes WuT GmbH (66123 Saarbrücken, Germany), Hall 2, Stand B46
Contact: Prof. Andreas Schütze
Tel.: +49 681302 4663
E-Mail: schuetze@lmt.uni-saarland.de

Get Creo-tive!
INNEO Solutions GmbH, the world’s largest partner of IoT market leader PTC, is in Hannover to present its complete range of products from product development and Industry 4.0, including the brand new Creo 4.0 3D CAD software.

Creo is a CAD software solution for product design processes from PTC Inc., based in Massachusetts. Among other things, it can be used to analyze initial ideas for concept development, create product designs and perform simulations, analyses and technical calculations. INNEO Solutions GmbH - based in Ellwangen, Germany, and the world’s largest partner of IoT market leader PTC - is at HANNOVER MESSE 2017 to showcase its complete range of products from product development and Industry 4.0, with the brand new Creo 4.0 3D CAD software as a highlight.

Development of Creo 4.0 focused in particular on increasing productivity for users. Introducing the new mini-toolbar has cut mouse movements significantly, for example. The availability of commands, depending on the application and selection made, keeps navigation via the user interface to the absolute minimum necessary. The combination of mini-toolbar and full screen mode also gives users a much clearer overview for designing in a more relaxed, productive process on the workspace, which has been increased in size by around 20 percent. Further enhancements in Creo 4.0 include the new cross hatching patterns in the *.pat (pattern file) format, thus enabling hatching for wood, insulating materials and concrete in 2D mode. The "intelligent mirror" function also detects identical geometries automatically.
INNEO Solutions GmbH (73479 Ellwangen, Germany), Hall 6, Stand J51
Contact: Ingrid Göggerle
Tel.: +49 7961 890 125
E-Mail: igoeggerle@inneo.com

Elevated to a new dimension
Elevator specialist Schindler is in Hannover to present "Schindler Ahead", a digital platform that will benefit customers, operators and passengers alike in the future.

Elevators are undoubtedly one of those things you least want to fail - which is why special importance has long been attached to their servicing and maintenance. The Schindler Group, one of the world's leading suppliers of elevators, escalators and related services, has now created a digital platform that will benefit customers, operators and passengers alike. The Group is at HANNOVER MESSE 2017 to present the Schindler Ahead platform, an innovative system that not only makes elevators and escalators faster and more flexible, but also provides the basis for new smart products and services.

Whether it's predictive maintenance, electronic monitoring or continuous provision of key data, Schindler Ahead is set to transform elevators and escalators into intelligent machines in the future. By being connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), relevant information can be analyzed in real time and problems can be anticipated and eliminated even before they occur, which ultimately also helps enhance the reliability and availability of systems. Operators and building managers can get continuous status reports on their facilities via relevant apps, while comprehensive administrative and performance-related information enables them to manage their facilities quickly and efficiently. Thanks to interactive and personalized services, passengers will also be kept up to date and transported using smart processes.
Schindler Group (12105 Berlin, Germany), Hall 12, Stand D50/1
Contact: Florian Meier
Tel.: +41 41 445 30 60
E-Mail: florian.meier@schindler.com

Make new connections!
The Stuttgart-based LAPP Group is using this year's HANNOVER MESSE as a springboard for launching an impressive array of innovations. Besides various new cables, an innovative new modular connector system is also being unveiled to the public.

The LAPP Group is one of the world's leading suppliers of integrated solutions and branded products for cable and connector technology. However, its comprehensive range is not limited to cables, highly flexible lines, industrial connectors, glands and customer-specific cable assembly solutions, but also includes automation technology and robotic solutions for Industry 4.0 and the smart factory. With such a broad portfolio, it is no surprise that this innovative company has a whole range of new products to show off at HANNOVER MESSE 2017. Two new cables are being launched in each of the ETHERLINE and ÖLFLEX ranges and the UNITRONIC BUS HEAT 6722 is being added to the UNITRONIC family. However, the real star among the newcomers is the EPIC MH MODULAR system.

EPIC MH MODULAR can be used to configure custom connectors that are tailored to the relevant needs. What’s more, the system doesn't stop at combining signals, data and/or power in one connector - thanks to a wide variety of housings, it can easily be put to use in areas ranging from the rail sector and mechanical engineering to robotics and the food & beverage industry. Customers simply choose the housing they need from the catalog, add the components they want and their custom connector is ready. The real USP of EPIC MH MODULAR is its brand new modular system. Instead of having to screw components together or struggle with a folding frame, users simply plug in components. A small click shows that the module is secure. Replacing individual modules later on is just as easy, too. If required, LAPP can supply custom connectors fully preassembled, instead of as separate parts.
LAPP Kabel (70565 Stuttgart, Germany), Hall 11, Stand C03, co-exhibitor with LAPP Kabelwerke
Contact: Dr. Markus Müller
Tel.: +49 711 7838-5170
E-Mail: Markus.j.mueller@lappkabel.de

A helping hand for rehabilitation
"Laying on of hands 2.0" might be one way of describing the open source hand orthosis that students from HTWK are showcasing at HANNOVER MESSE 2017. It is a rehabilitation glove made by a 3D printer!

Unfortunately, state-of-the-art medical technology is still unaffordable for many around the world. That in itself was enough to persuade two mechanical engineering students at Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK Leipzig) to transfer the concept of open source to the rehabilitation sector and develop the prototype for an active orthosis for hand rehabilitation. The students are now presenting their "Exohand" at HANNOVER MESSE, a device that is worn like a glove and uses motors to bend and stretch individual fingers. The mechanical support is designed to help patients with movement disorders in their hand - due to e.g. stroke or an operation - to regain control of the movement in their hand.

"The Exohand can be easily assembled from parts made on a 3D printer and conventional, widely available mechanical components," explains mechanical engineer Frank Schmidt, who has been working on the orthosis with his colleague Michael Sanne for two years. Both students are being supervised by Detlef Riemer who is a professor of mechatronics. The students are exhibiting the third development stage of the Exohand at HANNOVER MESSE 2017 and want to make the production guide and software for the rehabilitation devices available for free online. Thanks to rapid prototyping, the production costs for users had to be kept below 250 euros per unit. "We believe that having access to medical products shouldn't depend on where a person is born," emphasizes Frank Schmidt. "In Germany, the health insurance funds cover the costs of necessary rehabilitation measures. However, in many other countries around the world, high-tech medical products are unaffordable for most people. The arrival of fab labs and makerspaces throughout the world could help counter this, as these places often have 3D printers available for use. Using these resources, you can build our Exohand yourself." Since there is still some development work to do before then, the mechanical engineering students are hoping to make contact with other engineers and potential partners and investors at HANNOVER MESSE.
Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK Leipzig) (04277 Leipzig, Germany), Hall 2, Stand A38, co-exhibitor at Forschung für die Zukunft (R&D Collaboration Pavilion)
Contact: Frank Schmidt
Mobile +49 178 759-1411
E-Mail: frank.schmidt.2@stud.htwk-leipzig.de

Safety first
Dehn + Söhne GmbH & Co. KG is showcasing its solutions and products to protect state-of-the-art manufacturing systems and buildings under the banner "be safe" in Hannover - they include the new DEHNguard M H 275 TT.

Who wouldn't secretly love their own personal bodyguard to look over them and ward off all dangers? Unfortunately, this kind of all-seeing, all-vanquishing superhero is not yet available in real life. Having said that, there is some very impressive protection to be had against certain specific risks. And Dehn + Söhne GmbH & Co. KG from Neumarkt in southeastern Germany proudly trades on the fact that “DEHN protects”. The company has added the motto "be safe" to its main advertising slogan for HANNOVER MESSE 2017, where it is showcasing protective and safety solutions and products for state-of-the-art manufacturing systems and buildings. Among its wide range of trade fair highlights, the DEHNguard M H 275 TT really stands out.

TT systems are special low voltage grids for supplying electrical power in electrical engineering scenarios. In these systems, the N-PE spark gap must be capable of conducting the total discharge current in the entire 4-conductor system. To ensure everything works as it should even at higher discharge values, the N-PE arrester in the DEHNguard M H 275 TT was designed to accommodate the actual sum of the discharge currents in the grid modules. It is therefore the first type 2 multi-pole surge arrester for TT systems to boast an 80-kiloampere high-performance spark gap. This makes the DEHNguard MH 275 TT the ideal protection device for systems that require higher availability and greater safety, such as those used in mobile telephony or for the AC side of solar inverters, which demand much higher reserve discharge capacity.

Dehn + Söhne GmbH & Co. KG (92318 Neumarkt, Germany), Hall 13, Stand E85
Contact: Petra Raab
Tel.: +49 9181 906 1426
E-Mail: petra.raab@dehn.de

Nothing beats good wood!
Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development (HNEE) is using a wooden prototype machine tool to highlight the potential of this natural construction material.

Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development (HNEE) has a knack for standing out from the crowd with its unique exhibits. Hot on the heels of last year’s fascinating "wood-e-bike", which combined wooden main components with an integrated electric motor, the research and development team from the "town of wood" has continued this theme and produced yet another practical wooden design for HANNOVER MESSE 2017. The TU Berlin stand is hosting the guests from Brandenburg, who are unveiling their prototype machine tool made mainly from wood at the event.

Even in the age of 3D printing, wood is still hard to beat as a material thanks to the relative simplicity of crafting complex geometrical designs. Wooden constructions also score highly in terms of sustainability, outstanding scope for design and creativity, special ambience and the particular sense of wellbeing that is drawn from the look and feel of this natural material. The innovative potential of a wooden machine tool stems partly from the ease with which those system components that are subject to wear - such as gantries, tables, housings and clamping devices - can be reproduced and replaced.
Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development (16225 Eberswalde, Germany), Hall 2, Stand B33, co-exhibitor with TU Berlin ScienceMarketing
Contact: Ines Preuss
Tel.: +49 3334 657-113
E-Mail: tub@hnee.de

The wonderful world of drive and fluid technology
British IMI Precision Engineering is celebrating the premiere of four new product series at HANNOVER MESSE 2017 - ISOLine standard cylinders, new Excelon Plus maintenance devices, expanded VM and VS valve islands and an optimized generation of flange valves.

IMI Precision Engineering has captured the essence of HANNOVER MESSE with its slogan "We help move man's most marvelous machines". After all, where else in the world can you find such a wide selection of the most incredible machines known to man?! The Brits and their innovations in Hall 23 are thus perfectly poised to grab maximum attention for the launch of their new platform products, as IMI Precision Engineering sets its sights on expanding its IMI Norgren-brand product portfolio.

With their new adaptive cushioning system (ACS), which automatically adapts to changes within the application, the pneumatic ISOLine ISO standard cylinders are a real highlight in Hannover. The same goes for the new Excelon Plus maintenance devices that are bound to impress with their compact design and high level of user safety. Not to mention the optimized versions of stock favorites the VM and VS valve islands, which in future will also be available with industrial Ethernet connection. IMI has also expanded its Buschjost product range with a new generation of flange valves with different versions that can be equipped with an optimized position indicator or innovative manual override, for example.

"We know that engineers thrive on constructing machines to tackle the world’s trickiest technical challenges," says Massimo Grassi, Divisional Managing Director of IMI Precision Engineering. "We are launching four new product series in Hannover that show how we apply our imagination, ideas and creativity to ensure these machines function safely, reliably and more efficiently. A further highlight is the new IMI Norgren Express app, which visitors will get to try out for themselves at the stand. This provides engineers and maintenance workers with a quicker and easier way to pinpoint the products they require."
IMI Precision Engineering (4060 Lakeside, Birmingham B37 7XZ, United Kingdom), Hall 23, Stand C39
Contact: Armin Lattacher
Tel.: +49 711 52090
E-Mail: info@imi-precision.com

This data logger is Industry 4.0-ready
Delphin Technology AG is at HANNOVER MESSE 2017 to showcase the new Expert Logger 400, an autonomous data logger system for measurement data acquisition and test stand automation with an OPC UA interface.

Delphin Technology AG, based in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany, has expanded its Expert Logger series with the new 400 model, whose OPC UA client/server interface makes it ideal for universal exchange of measurement data at field level, thus ensuring it meets the challenges of Industry 4.0 head on. The new Expert Logger device is also fitted with ProfiBus, ModBus, CAN-Bus and serial interfaces, while PCs can be connected via USB, LAN, WLAN or LTE.

The new 400 model has 16 universal differential analog inputs for measuring mV and mA signals or any type of thermocouple. The high precision meets the toughest demands placed on a data logger with 24 bits and a maximum measurement rate of 1,000 measurements per second. The new Expert Logger can also be used to measure Pt100(0) sensors in 2-, 3- or 4-wire technology or strain gauges. With 24 switchable digital inputs and outputs overall, edges and malfunctions can be recorded with microsecond precision or alarms can be generated. A total of six analog outputs enable operation of regulating and control elements. The Expert Logger series offers a range of different models with 16 to 46 analog inputs that are ideal for independent data acquisition and test stand automation. Monitoring functions are performed independently within the device.

Measurement data and limit value violations can be transmitted to subsystems directly via the OPC UA interface. This interface also offers data exchange with PLC systems and connection to PLT systems. What's more, ProfiSignal Go software for mapping and analyzing measurement data online and offline remains an integral part of every Expert Logger device.
Delphin Technology AG (51427 Bergisch Gladbach, Germany), Hall 11, Stand B57
Contact: Claudia Young-Körppen
Tel.: +49 2204 97685-0
E-Mail: claudia.young-koerppen@delphin.de

Onward and upward together
At HANNOVER MESSE 2017, global player Cyient from India and thyssenkrupp Elevator, the world's leading passenger transportation system company, are showcasing their latest partnership to generate better predictive solutions in the elevator sector.

The numbers speak for themselves to reveal the importance of elevators as a means of transportation. More than a billion people use over 12 million elevators all over world every day! This explains why the 190 million outage hours each year caused by elevator maintenance issues present a major challenge for the sector. Global provider of engineering, manufacturing, data analytics, network and operations solutions Cyient has now signed a long-term agreement with thyssenkrupp Elevator, the world’s leading passenger transportation systems expert, to help develop its MAX platform, the first real-time solution for cloud-based predictive maintenance.

Cyient’s role is to integrate advanced analytics and big data solutions into MAX in the name of predictive maintenance solutions. The MAX platform, which has been developed together with Microsoft using the Azure IoT suite on its cloud platform Azure, thus now also stands to benefit from Cyient’s expertise in engineering predictive analytical solutions. Cyient plans to develop algorithms and integrated solutions for reading data from thyssenkrupp’s elevators (think: IoT) and to use this information to increase thyssenkrupp's abilities to diagnose potential problems and provide an even more outstanding service. "We are delighted at the prospect of Cyient working together with thyssenkrupp and particularly look forward to driving forward innovations in person transportation," says Krishna Bodanapu, Managing Director and CEO of Cyient. "Our collaboration will extend thyssenkrupp's competitive lead in the elevator sector thanks to advanced analytics and big data solutions. Our mission lies in continuously developing unique skills and analytical solutions for our customers. Our own in-house data science competence center Cyient Insights plays a key role in this endeavor." Andreas Schierenbeck, CEO of thyssenkrupp Elevator, adds: "MAX is a linchpin in our ambition to transform the elevator sector and improve urban mobility in the world’s towns and cities. Having collaborated with Microsoft and Vodafone on the construction of MAX, we are very pleased to have found a further strong partner in Cyient to work on this solution. We firmly believe that the company's expertise in analytics will help us continue to develop the capabilities of MAX, support our team of more than 24,000 field engineers and propel elevator servicing into the digital era."
Cyient GmbH (71229 Leonberg, Germany), Hall 19, Stand A53, (A53/5), co-exhibitor with Gemeinschaftsstand Predictive Maintenance
Contact: Klaudija Knezevic
Tel.: +49 7152 945211
E-Mail: Klaudija.Knezevic@cyient.com

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