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The first nominated project “Climatics” is a multi-user platform for building management. Digital twin technologies with machine-learning algorithms are used to increase the energy efficiency of buildings. For this purpose, the measurement data of heating, ventilation and air conditioning are collected in a single device with high temporal resolution. Since this is a learning system, the sensor data is run through a plausibility check. Using this system, energy savings of an average 25 percent can be achieved through the optimized interaction of all the climate-determining variables. The second nomination went to ATRO – the Automation Technology for Robotics project. This is a modular industrial robot building kit that can be used to individually and flexibly assemble optimum robot structures for a number of applications. Standardized motor modules with integrated drive functionality, together with link modules in various designs and lengths, enable a wide range of mechanical combinations. The complete integration of the controller into the holistic TwinCAT control platform makes a wide range of proven automation functions directly available. The third nominated project, the Smart Flex Effector, is a sensor-based compensation module (end effector) for robots with independent, precise kinematics in six degrees of freedom. It can be used in handling or joining processes with tight tolerances in automation technology or robotics with loads of up to 6 kg. The position of workpieces or handling objects can be sensed by robots using the Smart Flex Effector. The application possibilities are diverse, as it is also suitable for human-robotic collaboration as an add-on device for a number of different robots.