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The Prize for applied robot Solutions

Industrieanzeiger, Robotation Academy and Deutsche Messe award the jubilee award for innovative, applied robotics solutions.

The condition is that the entries in the ROBOTICS AWARD are a novelty and / or a significant development compared to previous presentations. At the same time, the jury ensures that the solutions are at least market-ready and industrially proven. Also, the automation solutions should be particularly advanced, both technologically and economically, and make a significant contribution to satisfying industrial or social needs.

The Winner 2020

In the future it will be important to combine intuitive operation with high-tech. Machine learning, AI and intelligent image processing will only develop their benefits and fascination when they are brought to the people and become part of everyday practice. The three founders of Yuanda Robotics have shown how this can be done and with their clever Cobot they have rightly landed in first place. They christened the model "Yuniik", derived from the word "unique", unique. Yuniik, the unique one, already has all future technologies on board and is still as easy to use as a smartphone.

This was also the declared goal of the Hanover-based start-up: If you can send an e-mail with your cell phone, you can also integrate Yuniik into an industrial environment. And this is possible without expert knowledge, without training and without significant time expenditure. And it works. This has been demonstrated by many beta testers who were deliberately not instructed. They simply got started and were suddenly right in the middle of the future topics. So robotics must be!

2nd Place: Autostore with "Black Line

With the "Black Line" product line and the new B1 robot, the manufacturer Autostore was not only able to decisively improve its automatic warehouse, but also to make a lasting impression on the jury of the Robotics Award. In the end, the Norwegians received the well-deserved silver medal.

3rd Place: Yaskawa with "Air Grip World"

With a flexible robot cell for the automatic handling of bottles, Yaskawa secured third place in the Robotics Award. The system is mounted on a platform and can be easily moved if necessary.