The Prize for applied robot Solutions

Industrieanzeiger, Robotation Academy and Deutsche Messe award the jubilee award for innovative, applied robotics solutions.

The condition is that the entries in the ROBOTICS AWARD are a novelty and / or a significant development compared to previous presentations. At the same time, the jury ensures that the solutions are at least market-ready and industrially proven. Also, the automation solutions should be particularly advanced, both technologically and economically, and make a significant contribution to satisfying industrial or social needs.

The Winner 2019

Developed by OnRobot A/S, the Gecko Gripper is an innovative system designed to hold objects without the need for additional energy – a system that captured the imaginations of the jury and the general public at the 2019 ROBOTICS AWARD.

The Gecko Gripper (developed by OnRobot, a company based in the Danish city of Odense) is modelled on structures found in the feet of certain reptiles. Millions of microscopically fine hairs create so-called van der Waals forces when they contact smooth surfaces. This results in strong adhesion and anti-shearing force without the need to use any power for the purpose. The object is released simply by tilting the gripper surfaces.

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