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These exhibitors include ITM , NEL , H-TEC SYSTEMS , McPhy , Audi , Toyota , Daimler and many others. They will be in Hall 27, providing valuable information and insights on the many potential applications of hydrogen and fuel cells. To cap it all off, there will be a circuit on the open-air site where visitors can take fuel cell-powered vehicles for a test drive.

With more and more energy being generated from renewable sources, it is becoming increasingly important to find ways of using it efficiently. The key is to synchronize supply with demand, which is no easy feat, given the fluctuating, unpredictable nature of many forms of renewable energy. Power-to-x technologies can help solve this problem by storing renewably generated electricity for subsequent, flexible use. This is where fuel cells and "green" hydrogen come in. For example, they are an excellent complement to battery-powered vehicles and have an important role to play in emission-neutral mobility. Moreover, they enable short refueling times and hence larger operating ranges and a broader scope of uses for electric vehicles. They also reduce the use of rare earths and metals like cobalt, nickel and lithium, thereby also alleviating the problem of disposal. Hydrogen and fuel cells have potential applications in all forms of mobility – in buses, trucks, cars, trains, ships and aircraft. But they also have potential applications in other areas, such as in fuel-cell power plants, where they serve the dual purpose of providing energy storage and ensuring uninterrupted renewable electricity generation. Fuel cells therefore have a key part to play in the transformation of the world’s energy systems.

At HANNOVER MESSE 2019, which runs from 1 to 5 April, visitors will be able to learn about the current state of the art in this exciting area of technology at the Hydrogen + Fuel Cells EUROPE exhibition in Hall 27. There, on some 1,700 square meters of display space, 170 exhibitors will present the latest fuel cell applications and the latest solutions for storing renewably generated electricity by producing hydrogen. The exhibition also has an extensive supporting program. For example, visitors will be able to take fuel cell-powered cars, such as the Hyundai Nexo, the Mercedes-Benz GLC F-CELL or the Toyota Mira, for a test-drive in the Ride & Drive area of the open-air site. There will also be quality, in-depth information and discussion on offer at two special forums. Visitors and others who can’t make it to the forums in person will be able to follow the presentations and interviews live online.

For further information, visit www.h2fc-fair.com .