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In an article from the “Materials” magazine , researchers from the Technical University of Graz, the Universities of Vienna and Erlangen-Nuremberg, and the Graz-based Joanneum Research Society reported on their success in the 3D laser printing of neodymium iron boron magnets . Previously, these super magnets could only be manufactured through sintering or injection molding. The advantage of laser-based additive manufacturing, according to the researchers , is the high relative density of the magnets and control over the microstructure. Neodymium iron boron magnets are used in speakers and headphones, for example, as well as in DC motors in battery-powered tools, in linear motors for hard drives for controlling the read/write heads and in electric generators at wind farms.

Mining neodymium, which is a rare earth element, leads to strains on the environment. So the researchers from the Technical University of Graz are now working hard on the 3D printing of iron- and cobalt-based magnets .