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The US consultancy company Gartner is expecting a high demand for 5G among companies, in view of the results of its recent survey . The fast mobile standard will be used, in particular, for the Internet of Things (IoT) and for video transmission – if the telecommunications providers can create the infrastructure required in time. Although the study shows that alternative technologies already exist, companies prefer 5G because of its capacity to network up to a million sensors per square kilometer. Only a network as dense as this will allow swarm algorithms to be used, of the sort currently being developed at the University of Klagenfurt . They are designed to transfer swarm behavior from nature to industrial production systems, which promises to bring benefits to industry.

Gartner surveyed a total of 185 companies in the period May to June 2018 for its study. The survey does not claim to be representative, but shows a clear trend, according to Gartner.