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Storage technologies play a key role in energy systems. The fact that electricity from the wind and the sun is not always available due to weather is one of the biggest challenges facing sustainable power supply from regenerative sources. The more power that is generated from volatile, renewable sources, the greater the storage capacity needs to be. Researchers and engineers around the globe are working feverishly to solve this problem.

GP Joule delivers one solution that may bring supply and demand together. "We have come up with a concept of an 'energy buffer'. This involves PEM electrolytic stacks – a development of ours – to convert surplus renewable energy into hydrogen and act as a temporary buffer," explains Ove Petersen, Head of GP Joule. "When needed, the gas stored in the energy buffer can be converted back into electrical energy in a cogeneration plant, such as a biogas unit. The advantage of a biogas plant is that the waste heat from the hydrogen production can be re-utilized, achieving an extremely high overall efficiency of more than 95 percent."

GP Joule will be demonstrating how its cogeneration plant and the new energy system as a whole works in an interactive showcase at the new Integrated Energy Plaza (IEP) in Hall 27, Stand L24 . GP Joule is the premium sponsor of this new visitor highlight that will be presenting a model of this energy system of the future. At the IEP various energy technologies will work together. Visitors can learn about the challenges and correlations that mark the future of power generation.

The German Energy Agency (dena) is a major supporter of the Integrated Energy Plaza and is participating as a prime source of expertise on issues related to energy efficiency, renewable energy and smart energy systems. dena is also organizing a program of on-stage multi-media events to bring the energy system to life. The inter-trade associations VDMA, ZVEI and VDE are also providing support to the Plaza.

Companies participating at the IEP include Glen Dimplex, which is presenting the EU project "RealValue". A dozen businesses, energy firms, grid operators, IT companies and research institutions are taking part in this consortium. In this project, around 1,250 households and commercial operations in Germany, Ireland, and Latvia are being equipped with intelligent, integrated energy systems comprised of electrical storage heaters and heat pumps.

Marking its very first appearance at Energy, Glen Dimplex can be found at the Integrated Energy Plaza and at a separate stand in Hall 27. Other companies at the Plaza involved in designing energy systems of the future include Siemens, Prysmian and Enercon along with ITM Power and UNIDO.

ITM Power has developed an electrolyser product platform which offers unique flexibility in converting electrical power into hydrogen and oxygen gasses. The platform is called HGas and it allows users to efficiently convert excess renewable power into hydrogen which can be either injected into the natural gas network for long term storage or dispensed to vehicles as a clean fuel.

At the Integrated Energy Plaza Siemens is showcasing its solutions for decentralized power supply and integrated energy management. "In order to guarantee economic feasibility, climate protection, and a reliable power supply, we need intelligent systems that regulate the integration of renewable energy sources and the increasingly decentralized generation of power," says Siemens regarding its appearance. The company is presenting digital technologies that make this a reality. In addition, visitors will learn "how the industrial sector can benefit from these solutions, use energy efficiently, and take on an active role in the energy system."

The Prysmian Group, with its German headquarters in Berlin, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cables and energy systems in Germany. The business incorporates three areas of operations: cables for utilities, special cables for industrial use, and cables and systems for the general market. Recently Prysmian was awarded the contract for a gigantic underwater cable between Denmark and the Netherlands.

Enercon's product portfolio currently includes wind turbines between 800 and 7,580 kilowatts. The German market leader has already erected 25,000 wind power units with a total power of over 40 gigawatts.

Overall more than 1,300 exhibitors are presenting solutions for the energy systems of the future at Energy 2016. Integrated system solutions ranging from generation to storage, transmission and distribution and which also involve mobile solutions will be presented.