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What are the precise functional dimensions of the connecting parts in question? And what's the full length required for the joint rod in this case? And, of course, a counter nut will also be needed… Putting all these bits and pieces together time and again, whenever you need to compile a joint rod, costs a great deal of time and money. That's because these kinds of connecting rods almost always need configuring on a one-by-one basis. And the design process becomes even more complicated if different kinds or directions of thread are required on the ends of the rods, meaning that a fully threaded rod won't do the job.

But now there's an end in sight to all the frustration and hassle. The long-suffering customers who require such parts on a regular basis are now being handed a tool that promises to simplify the ordering process for good. The new joint rod configurator from mbo Osswald delivers complete transparency and support for the design process - in real time and without any need to tiresomely thumb through books and tables. Customers can use the online joint rod configurator to create one-off units in double-quick time and access all the information they need about functional dimensions, prices and delivery times. What’s more, this online solution can even send orders directly to the mbo Osswald production facilities - bypassing all the time delays and trouble spots that plague old-fashioned quotation and ordering processes.

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