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With BatteRANGE , Wiesbaden-based EDAG Engineering GmbH has provided a glimpse of what the chassis of future generations of commercial vehicles could look like. The concept is based on the prediction that the next generation of trucks will leverage different drive technologies. In addition to models with a conventional diesel engine, commercial vehicles are increasingly being designed with fuel cell, liquid gas, and electric drives. The BatteRANGE chassis should be suitable for use with all these drive systems. It is ultra-lightweight, so as to compensate for the additional weight of batteries and not restrict the maximum payload.

The load-bearing structure of the front end is connected using large cast nodes and is also bionically optimized. The middle section of the modular chassis accommodates the drivetrain components and can be adapted to the various drive systems. This is also where the energy storage devices are housed, which are protected against impact by appropriately optimized side walls. The rear model can also be flexibly designed and adapted to different axle configurations and wheelbases. EDAG now intends to further develop BatteRANGE in collaboration with partner companies.