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The Leipzig-based VNG Innovation GmbH will cooperate in the future in the form of a strategic partnership with the Leipzig startup Rhebo , whose approach to automatic anomaly detection in industrial networks seeks to ensure better protection against attacks on industrial networks. The security of modern IIoT environments is not just about safeguarding data security, but about preventing major production losses. Most recently, secIT had alarmingly pointed out in Hannover how negligently secured machine controls jeopardize safety in the factory halls and make the company vulnerable to extortio n. The risk is even higher for critical infrastructures such as the gas industry.

Rhebo is a partner at the joint booth Industrial Security (D02) in hall 6 at the Hannover Messe 2018. This is where the specialist presentations of the Industrial Security Forum will be held including by Rhebo CEO Klaus Mochalski . On April 24 (4 p.m.) he will brief visitors on anomaly detection in networked industrial plants . The automatic identification of anomalies recognizes any deviation from the usual communication processes in the ICS network, detecting not only cyberattacks, but also malicious software, the transmission of faulty data packets, and other problems. As a result, the VNG Group joins the ranks of companies that have recognized and actively counter the growing threat of spyware and ransomware threats. Just recently, IBM has dedicated its own study to the subject under the title “ Internet of threats ”.