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Vacuum technology has long been committed to "energy efficiency first" – the guiding idea behind the German government's current "Green Book for Energy efficiency". This doesn’t apply just to Germany. The nearly 200 exhibitors at ComVac – three-fourths from abroad – are showcasing an abundance of speed controlled vacuum pumps and other innovative systems with amazing PUE values. All the leading providers are represented at the world's leading trade show for compressed air and vacuum technology. Exhibitors include Aerzener Maschinenfabrik, Busch Vakuumpumpen und Systeme, Dürr Technik, Edwards High Vacuum, Gebr. Becker, General Europe Vacuum, Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum, Pfeiffer Vacuum, VAT Deutschland and other market leaders.

Atlas Copco for example is presenting a new product series of high-efficiency, intelligent vacuum pumps with variable speed drives with its GHS VSD+ series. According to the manufacturer, the models enable energy savings of up to 50 percent. In comparison to oil sealed and dry vane vacuum pumps, the new series has significantly better output. "In addition, the models perform much better than comparable devices," says the ComVac exhibitor. "They are an excellent fit for energy and environmental management concepts according to ISO 50001 and 14001."

Busch has also made it their business to "develop the most energy-efficient vacuum pumps and central vacuum supply systems possible." According to the company, its new R 5 RD series "sets new standards for rotary vane vacuum pumps, offering energy consumption savings of up to 20 percent." Mink claw vacuum pumps, another Busch innovation at the trade show, operate contact-free; neither oil nor operating fluids are required. With its claw technology, Mink claw vacuum pumps achieve "extremely high efficiency levels, reducing energy consumption and increasing performance," according to Busch. Because they operate contact-free, these vacuum pumps require almost no maintenance. In practice, this means up to 60 percent lower operating costs compared to conventional vacuum generators. Busch offer a free vacuum audit to all operators of vacuum pumps and systems to discover potential areas for improvement to save on operating, energy, and maintenance costs.

The term Industrie 4.0 is closely linked to endeavors to create energy efficiency. "This theme has also reached the compressed air and vacuum sector," says Sonia Wedell-Castellano. "With the help of sensors and software, machines and tools communicate with each other to enable continuous monitoring and production security, as well as increased efficiency," says the project manager at Deutsche Messe. Other trends at ComVac 2017 include oil-free applications, dry-running vacuum pumps for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, along with self-optimizing, fully automatic, and central vacuum-controlled systems.