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The drive, which is 80% lighter , was developed by the company Dipl.-Ingenieure Rainer & Oliver Puls GmbH from Karlsruhe. The engineers focus primarily on functional integration: they fit two motors and the transmission into a common housing designed as a load-bearing component. In this way, they do without a rear axle transmission and differential as well as a limited-slip differential. This means that the motor not only requires less material and components, but is also a significantly smaller. The result is more space for battery packs, which in turn increases its range. The Baden-Württemberg Lightweight Construction Agency has honored the idea with the ThinKing 2020 award.

Further ThinKing awards went to EDAG Engineering GmbH for the BatteRANGE concept, to TEAMOBILITY GmbH for the UCCON lightweight transporter and to the Materials Testing Institute of the University of Stuttgart for developing a process that allows high-strength aluminum and steel sheets to be welded together.